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Surely I am imagining things but I do feel I have toned up a little around my stomach area already. I don't feel so bloated and my stomach looks slightly (only slightly) smaller. Am I imagining things or can you really feel a difference after a week. I have not been dieting but haven't been on the wine so much. Perhaps its a case of optimistic thinking!!!

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Whatever works! I didn't notice any real toning going on till about a month or so in, when I discovered these hard lumpy things on the backs of my lower legs; further investigation revealed that these were called calf muscles! I think my stomach and my abdomen muscles are slightly firmer, but after 3 c-sections I'm going to have to run a few more years yet before my belly is ever flat!!!



I've always had quite muscular legs anyway so won't notice much of a difference there. Its my stomach and arms I need to tone up - Lets hope this running works


Running works..

even for your stomach and arms.

Also, think of the calories you have saved by keeping off the wine!

Just think how you'll feel in two months time :)


Haven't got to give up the wine altogether have i??


Hi susiejane, I also noticed a difference quite quickly around my waist & hips. I'm doing the slimming world diet at the same tho, but it's got to be the exercise. Keep up the good work.


it could also be that you are standing taller as you are feeling proud of your achievements :)

bottom will move upwards a bit & bingo wings begin to disappear. some more of the positive side-effects of this running lark.


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