Fed up:(

I had knee pain from week 2 last week but they felt better ( still slightly niggly) after a week of rest. I have just tried running again tonight and I couldn't manage it at all. My knees felt like they were going to snap in two. I am worried now I will never get back to it and I've only just begun. They don't hurt that badly when I'm walking but running is a definite no no. On average how long does it take to feel better from knee pain?


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7 Replies

  • It took 2 weeks and a lot of knee strengthening exercises and cross training for me. I am back now and legs feel stronger than ever. Take the time to let them recover it will save you time in the long run.

  • It sounds like the impact of the running is causing the problem if walking is OK. Are you running on a really hard surface? Are your shoes resilient enough? Not for everyone, but I found a treadmill gave me a softer, lower impact run and my knees gave me no problems through the entire programme. Be aware though that the transition to outside running is difficult!

  • When I started had bad knee pain after W1R1 continued to R3, then had difficulty walking. Went to doctors, he told me to get braced knee support and good quality running shoes. This I did and I have completed several 5k runs and 10k runs and plan to try a half marathon next year, which will be 2 years after I graduated. So I suggest a trip to the doctors have your knee checked. My problem was knee stability, or lack of it. But do not give up it's worth it in the end.

  • try physio, but somebody who runs or has knowledge. They should be able to do gait analysis. Ive got some inserts go in my shoes for another issue. i broke my ACL years ago and lost some cartilage as well. But although sometimes get knee pain when I restart running it goes away as I continue . (Work on yachts so have months where I cant run) 2 weeks ago had knee pain after non running exercise. Yesterday ran for half hour no stops and felt fine, with good stretching afterwards.

  • because of my ACL, front of knee pain is the one to be worried about I've been told

  • Gosh I don't know really but how about power walking till you see if your knees will take it ? Good luck 🚶

  • It really depends on what's wrong. I have had bad knees for 12years . So a small expert. You need to see your gp. Who will tell you if it arthritis , a sprain or a strain. Or cartilage . But you should get medical advice. Gp May give you a steroid injection which does ease inflammation. Physio will strengthen leg muscles

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