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Don't give up!!

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OK so first of all, this has took me much longer than 9 weeks. I struggled with time and motivation. Sometimes only running once which probably held me back massively.

I am 40 started trying to get a bit fitter this time last year. Starting to notice a slightly odd body shape developing when I have never struggled with weight. So I knew something had to change, but I like my food too much. So to start off joined a gym, running a bit on the treadmill and got invited by a friend to a park run. I ran a little about 20 years ago, thought I would run / walk. Long story short I felt like I was going to die! Face was red, couldn't breath and to top it all I actually fell into a hole which I thought was just a puddle!!!

So at at the beginning I just hated being so bad at this. I couldn't complete wk1 run1. I just hated running with a passion. Then about 3rd week in I looked forward to running better but still hated every second. Somewhere between week 4 and 6 I just got stuck so repeated runs until I got better. I think one of the issues was that I wasn't managing to complete 3 runs a week. I was still doing park run most weeks but keeping to the run, walk intervals.

Then I slowed it right down, and that worked. Something clicked. Week 7 I began to enjoy - bearing in mind this was probably week 12 by that stage.

Recently I have been annoyed when I have to change my running plans. Making excuses not to go places to get my runs in.

Anyway then I downloaded a Spotify running playlist which motivates me massively as I run. Now my playlist are generally all 155 to 160bpm so I can try and maintain a steady pace.

Tonight I finally graduated. I am so happy, and will not forget the Woman who couldn't complete the first run. Did the 20 minute run, but then took 5 or 6 attempts to do the 2 x 10 minutes. I look forward to consolidation as I know in a few weeks I will have my 5k in 30 minutes in the bag! Currently I am doing 4.4km in 30 so I'm sure it won't be long.

Anyway message is don't give in. It will come eventually and it does feel so good and quite excited about what will be achieved in the next six months. Good luck to you all

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Wonderful story, and I agree - don't give up!

Beautifully put and absolutely spot on!!! 😀 X

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👏🏼👏🏼 👏🏼 Brilliant, really inspiring. I know what you mean about feeling 'something had to change' because that's exactly how I felt too. I'm in week 8 (more like week 10 and a half, to be honest…) and hoping to follow in your footsteps soon. Huge congratulations on getting there. 😎

Congratulations Katiekats, inspiring story to boot!! Fab achievement 🥇🎓👏👏👏

Well done for your fab achievements 👏💐🏅👟😎

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Brilliant story well done for sticking to it. This is great that you start in your 40s, I wish I had! Well done 👍🏻🙌

What a winner!! ☺

Congratulations! Not only for graduating but for sticking it through- and it's not easy! I too love food so much and let myself go for longer than you. So it's great taking charge of ourselves and accomplishing our goals!

You must be sooo proud! Well done.

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Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.

Well done! A very motivating blog 😀. I'm on week 6 R3 next and still haven't started enjoying it properly yet! Hopefully it will click for me soon too. Huge congratulations!

Congratulations on your progress. I’m interested in your Spotify running playlist? I’m struggling so much I only ran once last week and week before and feel like it’s slipping away so I’m really keen to keep going and music would help me I’m sure. Where did you download it from? So you have to have Spotify on contract? Thanks

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