Ugh..So fed up with leg pain

This week I've done 2 X 7K runs, but I'm sorry to report that my legs are still bloomin' painful. After my torture session with Mr Physio, things did improve slightly but my run today had to be cancelled owing to pain. I'm gonna try one tomorrow and see how it is.

I'm determined to sort this out. I've been trawling the internet and have read lots and lots of articles on how to be a stronger runner and one thing that I've discovered is that you need to exercise your HIPS to ensure they're fluid and strong. I think my hips need a bit of work so I'm gonna start some strengthening exercises and see if that helps.

Wish me luck folks!



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  • Sorry your legs are playing up, I can sympathise, I've had back ache for two days and haven't been out for three and I am like a bear with a sore head! Grumpy! So hopefully tomorrow we will both get back out there. Good luck x

  • Isn't it funny how grumpy one gets when you realise that you'd do more damage to yourself by doing what we really enjoy!?

  • I wish you all the luck in the world, Dan. It must be so frustrating being foiled by pain like this when all you are doing is trying to improve your health and well being. You are seeing the physio so hopefully he can rebuild you as you should be. I agree we should probably not depend only on the running, we should also do more strengthening exercises in amongst.

    Be kind to yourself, grab a glass of red and get better soon! :) :)

  • Took your advice Beek - glass of red wise! Haha! You're right though about strengthening exercises and I'm gonna incorporate them into my routine.

  • Good luck, Dan. Keep your chin up, honey - don't let this get you down (easy to say, I know, when you're in pain). Have you thought of trying some pilates exercises - based on yoga, gentle stretching and you can build up strength by doing them regularly. They can be used in addition to other strength exercises/running etc. You've got great determination and a great sense of humour, both of which will get you through this. Take care xx

  • Thanks so much! I used to do pilates and really enjoyed the exercises. The only trouble was that I was the ONLY bloke in the class of ladies and it left me feeling a tad awkward. Sounds silly, but I did a whole 8 weeks of classes and then gave up. I'm not really a "classes" type of chap really.

  • Good luck dan . Wishing you well & hope things get sorted for you . All the best .

  • Cheers Rockette!

  • Oh Dan....thats so hard, I really feel for you..I think any type of strengthening exercises will help..and go slower??!!! Take care...we need you!!

  • Thanks Juju, but......I cannee go slower! I know you tell me all the time to, but I dunno how else to run?! Maybe I should book myself onto the Juicy Ju HM Running Course?

  • I hope you get better soon Dan. On a selfish note I want to keep reading the entertaining blogs!

  • That's very kind aftabs! Or should I call you "Speedy Gonzales"!??

  • Hope you're better soon SuperDan! My calf has been seizing up periodically just on one leg, going to try some more exercises with my new foam roller(it worked well on thursday)! So i can sympathise with you, mines only minor really and hope it won't put me off for tomorrow, yours sounds more painful :( GOOD LUCK! keep on posting!

  • Thanks aliboo70. Bloody legs eh? I'm gonna sort this out though don't you worry.

  • Have you tried Pilates Dan? I started this based on wanting a low impact way of building strength and have since learnt about/ felt in myself the benefits it's given me in my running

  • Yes have tried pilates. Didn't really like the "group" situation though, so may introduce some pilates at Chez Dan's to strengthen core muscles. If it works for you, then I don't see why it shouldn't do the same pour moi!

  • Best of luck with it. As you are based in London, you may want to check out the classes: the classes are in small groups of 10 or less. I use their City gym during my lunch break

  • Not wanting to seem to be jumping on the band wagon, but pilates might help. Apparently if you strengthen your hip flexor muscle, that can help with all sorts of knee/leg pain. Hope you can sort it out Dan, looking forward to you being able to regale us with more stories of running by the Thames. Chris

  • Ahhh thanks so much caj62.

  • Good luck fella, it seems that the core is the key often to leg problems as your body gets out of balance and injuries get caused, sure your Physio probably gave you some core work, I know it helps me, good luck.

  • CHeers Phil. Only trouble with physio's Β£50 a pop! So I'm gonna have to do some exercises at home methinks.

  • I am so with you on this. I am in exactly the same position.

    Had a session with the Physio on Thurs. eve., and am now devising a plan of daily stretches and exercises, run or no run. I have even bought books on stretching and 'Yoga for Runners'.

    Like you I will conquer! Good luck, and take it steady

  • ***sings*** "We shall over come.......we shall overcome...."!!!

    Thanks Nerdio. Good luck to you and lets hope we can sort this crap out!

  • My favourite- I'll sing with you. Hope you can sort this soon. Good luck. P.s. Are you sure you didn't enjoy the class with all ladies?

  • I had a massive realisation what it must feel like for women in a male dominated to say I panicked!!

  • Bless you.

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