What weight loss or toning has anyone achieved?

Curious to know what improvements people have made specifically in the 9 weeks whether fat loss, muscle tone (my main goal is to tone my legs), obvious aerobic improvement etc. Or does this happen more once you have finished the programme and get onto regular, longer runs once fitness improves?

I'm virtually at my target weight anyway but really want to improve my hips and thighs where I store any weight so will I notice a difference in 9 weeks or am I being a bit impatient?!


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  • Everyone is different but from my own experience, I lost inches from my waist and hips, thighs & calves all became a lot more toned. This was over a period of 12 weeks as I repeated a few weeks of the programme. From start to finish, I would say in general there would be a noticeable difference (probably more noticeable in my case as I was about 3 stone overweight when I started)! The biggest improvement has been in my stamina and flexibility. I couldn't run for a bus before I started and now I can keep going for an hour (slowly mind). 😊

  • To get to an hour of running would be amazing, I can't imagine that right now!

    I've never had toned legs even from the gym so that would be my main aim, if possible.

  • Go for it it. Just get started :) It will do nothing but good (body and mind). 😊😊

  • Starting Wk3 tomorrow, it's been more positive than I could have imagined so far (sure the day will come soon when I can't achieve the full session though!).

  • Think positive! That's the beauty of this programme, it builds you up slowly but surely. And just in case nobody has told you, we don't allow the 'f' word.

    No run is ever a fail. If we don't complete a session (for any reason), then it is designated a 'practice' run :) Happy running...

  • I like that idea!

  • Not in 9 weeks! You lose weight and tone up when you run regularly and far enough, combined with healthy eating. I notice benefit from doing floor based exercise at home using Jillian Michaels dvd's. Also, running uphill! I run a really undulating trail and you notice that your abs are engaged the whole time without having to do anything but run steadily πŸ™‚

    I lost nearly five stones, which leaves loads of flab round the middle. It's much better now since starting running. I am nearly 60 so it's harder to get rid of as the skin is less elastic than a younger person. I am much happier about it now but I just have to keep running and eating healthily. I walk everywhere too, which helps

    No quick fix. You just have to stoically hang in there 😊 My lower legs are much better. My arse fell off first. my hips and top of my legs (saddlebags) were slowest to get rid of but I did! I noticed they'd gone for good during a run when I stopped for a breather, put my hands on my hips and they weren't there πŸ˜€ It took me ten months to lose most of my weight. When I started C25k I lost another stone and got toned up. Racing has kept me on it πŸ™‚

  • That's a huge amount of weight lost!

    I don't have any weight to lose as in overall I don't want to drop any more but was just hoping I could lose the bit that hangs around my hips and thighs..

  • You will but go easy on the refined carbs. If you can, run on hilly and or undulating routes you will work your body 😊 Do things gradually though. If you know you are running regularly, walking as much as possible, eating well then you will stay healthy.

  • Luckily (?) I live in a very hilly part of London so that will help I guess!

  • Are you a Graduate? If not perhaps stick to the flat for now. Running up hills is hard work. Good but hard, and can be demoralising for new runners. Just be aware that you can do too much too soon if you're not careful.

    When you graduate you can extend your distance by 10% a week.

    Til, then take care, eat healthily, do your cross training and you'll improve your fitness. Your puff will increase as you progress 😊

  • No, I'm only on week 3, every road where I live is on an incline so one way or another I have hilly roads.. I'm coping ok though despite not running before and having asthma!

  • Just go slowly. Up hill means you can't do any other πŸ˜ƒ Good exercise though and when you do run on the flat you will find it easier.

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