Couch to 5K

OK so im here

W1 R1 was yesterday and i knew ii was unfit but i couldnt believe how hard i found it!

today i did zumba which i started last week

tomorrow is W1 R2 and im a little worried my legs are still aching i so want to do this but im worried i wont be able to complete this program it was so hard yesterday that i cant see myself running that far for that long in 9 weeks!!!

im i the only one to feel like this?

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If you read around the blogs you will see lots of c2fivers shared exactly the same kind of doubts but if you follow the program, repeat weeks if you have to, in around 9 weeks you will be running for 30 minutes. It is surprising how quickly the body reacts and builds up fitness. Let us know how you get on


keep going your be fine just take it steady, im not an expert but maybe you have taken alot on all at once, maybe leave another day until you run again, just a thought until you get used to it all


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