i am new here and im cream crackered

ive been using the app for 3weeks and just completed wk 3 . My question is why do i feel like its all such a struggle

im not a little bloke , im 17 1/2 stone and 5ft 9in , admittedly i have not run anywhere for about 30 yrs ...theres my answer really isnt it ? lol

im not enjoying any of it much at the moment ,but ive committed to do this for myself . im not even training to do a race or such like its just that i want to be able to show myself that i can do 3k run as that was my goal before i found the app .everything aches i even walk a mile or so on the gap days to keep loose and before trying the app i could cover 4 miles walking in just over a hour no sweat. ive got no technique , nothing , im having such trouble for finding a pace for what are light runs and at the end of each work out im begging for trainer to say thats it . any help or advice appreciated


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10 Replies

  • Do you think you might be running too fast? Run really, really slowly - there are no prizes for speed at this point. You want to get the rhythm, breathing and stamina going. I can walk at least as fast as I run, but running still gets my heartrate up and builds my strength.

  • If it hurts and feels awful and you hate it, then chances are you won't finish it.

    Are you running fast? If so, can you run Slower? And if you're already slow, can you go even slower?

    Or maybe repeat w3 or even go back to w2 or w1.

    You want to find the balance where it's tough and challenging, but half an hour after it's over the exhaustion is forgotten and only the pride of having done something you couldn't do before remains.

    Don't just push on and then see all the good intentions disappear when it becomes too much.

    All the best. And please let us know how you're getting on.

  • Running is as much a mental and physical battle. You will have good runs and not so good runs. Anything is better than sitting on the couch 😀 As the others have said try slowing down then slow down some more. The aim is to build stamina, speed will come later. Focus on completing one run at a time and repeat weeks if you wish. There is no time limit, much better to take your time and finish the programme than be defeated. Good luck. Keep us posted and happy running 👟🏃👟🏃

  • I sit here worrying about my 3w3r need to finish week but last run took a lot out of me and that was 2 days ago.

    It does seem like a struggle but everyone says it will get better.

  • Take it slow and steady and it will come. I found a good rhythm and my breathing became more steady on W6R2. And it was only when I slowed right down did I feel that I could actually run at all.

  • As everyone else has said, try to slow down, when I first started I wanted to really stretch my legs and run, but my breathing and heart rate wouldn't let me, so following the wonderful advice here I slowed right down, it took a while for that to feel right, BUT, my runs were much more enjoyable.

    I walk quite quickly and my runs are hardly any faster than my walk, but it works and will help keep you motivated to continue.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

  • Reached 5w but that has taken a few weeks! 5mins run now seems easy but 8mins!

  • Just treat it as 2 blocks of 5 minute jogs , then only do 3 min of last 5 . 5 + 3 sounds a bit easier than 8 . It might change your outlook

  • Hmm, 🤔. I don't think it's surprising that you are finding it hard. We take a life time to get overweight and unfit and expect to undo it all in days 😁 I say "we" cos I was firmly in that camp 😊

    Relax, take a chill pill and slowly work through the sessions. Slow walks with little jogs in between. That's all it is! We build this up in our heads to be something akin to scaling Everest. If you take your time you should find it easier and start to enjoy it.

    The sun is out today, the nights and mornings will be lighter. There couldn't be a better time to mount Operation Get Fit! Come on! 🙂

  • Well done, keep going.... who said it was easy?!! It isn't... but the rewards outweigh the challenges you will face.... hang in there 😎

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