Ok so I've not quite graduated YET!

So, week 9 day 1 this morning. 30 minutes run which I managed fine, however I never normally pay any attention to the distance, only the time so decided (after reading other blogs) that I better just check how far I'm actually doing. So, taking off the 5 minute warm up it works out at 3.7k! Ahhhhhh. So now I need to try and increase my time a bit to reach the 5k. Could take 40 minutes? Been running at 7.5kph.

Oh, and my bum muscles!! They are sore all the time! Lol I had a 3 day break there as I was away visiting family and thought the sore bum might ease off but NO! Must be a good thing tho eh! Lol


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  • Im reading this as I know you have just commented on mine and I know you have suffered the same realisation as me :)

    Im so pleased to be able to run for 28mins and I certainly wouldnt have been able to 8 weeks ago!! Getting to week 9 must be a great feeling!

    Is your route flat or up and down? Mine is up on the way and down on the return I wonder if I found a flatter route my distance may increase?!

    I wonder if other people are including the warm up in their 5k? Ive read a few "Ive run 5K" blogs and none mention the warm up/down bit.

    It would be great to know how you get on

  • Hey, didn't I just read a blog just like this one!! :-) First, go read what I posted on gew's blog!! I am far to old and lazy to type it again!! :-)

    I, along with many others are short of 5K when we finished the program. I would almost say that it is the rule and not the exception!! You will indeed be graduates...you will complete the program, 5K or not!! I can say that you may be very surprised at how easily the remainder of the distance comes along!! You have overcome 3.7K!! You are about 3/4 of the way there!! Add a couple of more minutes in W9 and you are that much closer!!

    I believe that both of you are far closer to the 5K mark than you realize!!

    Keep Running!!! :-)


  • Thanks Steve yes I'm thrilled to be in week 9 and running 30 minutes!

    Gew I am on the treadmill still and yet to venture out!

  • I don't think you should worry about the distance, work on length of time running and your stamina and then speed and distance will come. I run in a very flat area and my speed is not that good, I think a small slope is a mountain. Keep running and the 5K will come. Congratulations on getting this far and keep running

  • You are doing really well - 30 minutes no problem?! In terms of distance though, I find it hard to map my runs outside as sometimes I am 'off-track' and not shown on the map, so distance is not accurate ... but last time I did 30 minutes on the treadmill it was 3.65 k, hopefully with more 30 minute runs I will get a bit faster ... It feels a bit discouraging at times, but we will get there eventually, remember the hare and the tortoise :) Oh yes, and the aching must be as those glutes of iron are forming! ;)

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