Week 3, Run 2 - still hard

The previous weeks started hard and got easier, but today was just as bad as Monday. I was back to the dizzy, puffing state of week one's first run again, but without the excuse of being new to it all.

If I can't get it together on Friday, I might have to re-do week 3 just to make sure I don't kill myself trying week 4.

My legs are fine, but my head is sore and spinning even ten minutes after getting home. I just feel so wrecked, enough that I kind of hope this is just me coming down with a cold or something (not good, have an important meeting on Friday) rather than being the weak, pathetic fool I am starting to feel like...


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14 Replies

  • hey prince make sure your drinking lots of water even before you go out for your run and lots after . it's so easy to dehrdrate doing this running and a piece of fruit or something when you get home to help give you back some energy. Hope its not a cold although i have done exercise with a cold before and it makes me feel better sweating it out. remember to drink !

  • ok Mr Prince just you cut the weak pathetic fool part out ! Stop those thoughts right now!

    ( read with stern frown whilst looking in the mirror )

    Apparently the following - dizzy, sick, muscle aches, shattered and battered feeling, non recurring pins and needles, shin splints, stitches, headaches and general feelings of near death warmed up and sweaty - are to be expected...

    Fun this isn't it ;)

  • Bxster you are definatley selling the programme! :)

    Prince - make sure you are drinking lots (of water!).

  • the small print in the programme sell tells you its rewarding - funky stuff happens to your body, you start grinning more, you restructure your life to fit the runs in, start looking at running kit, eye up fancy GPS watches and generally feel rather chuffed you having a go :)

  • dont forget being able to/wanting to go into a sports shop but happily feeling that you have a right to be there :)

  • hear, hear (and in my case also the buzz from realising I knew more about running than the guy behind the counter - OK it was a cut-price sports shop :-) )

  • But have you started turning down that last glass of wine yet?


  • Wine? I barely remember the last time I got to have a glass of wine...

    In all honesty, I think running has been keeping my body just far enough out of balance (I really should drink more water) that I don't really feel like alcohol any more.

  • I'm like a junkie, reaching for the needle even though I know it must be killing me...

    Why can't I stop running?

  • coz it's a bug...one that we want to catch

  • Oh yes... and because we are probably a bit nuts

  • Of course we might not have been nuts when we started, but we certainly are now!!

  • You know what I think that's exactly what its like

    . If I have missed a few days because of work or something I am trying to find reasons to sneak away to fulfil my needs, how can I explain my strange absences? Is anyone noticing my change in behaviour?

    It must look something like I have a second secret family!

    I haven't yet taken to buying new laces from blokes in dark night club corners but it is not far off I am sure :-D

  • Oh you lot! I have laughed out loud at your comments!!! It is soo true it is like a drug, I feel like I am going to die every time I'm out running (and I'm on week 9) but if I miss a run I beat myself up and do everything to go out whatever the weather, I am officially addicted and officially nuts and I love it!!! Keep it up Prince, The feeling you get when You've done it makes the pain worth it......well mostly ;) xx

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