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Week 3, Run 2

On reflection today’s W3R2 was actually no worse than W3R1, although whilst I was completing each interval it felt much worse that previously. I’m putting this down to going out with friends last night which resulted in lots of lovely food (including a scrummy dessert!) and getting in late. I also had to modify my usual route today to avoid workmen in the bottom half of the street repairing the road!

I’m starting to look into week 4 and the dreaded 5 minute interval (eeeek!) The three minutes this week so far have been a challenge and I am thankful when Laura tells me I can walk again! I know that this plan is not only a physical challenge but also a mental challenge as well, so I’m thinking positive thought already.

One of the positives I have noticed this week, is that the 90 second intervals are so much easier than last week (when they were taxing) so I’m hopeful the same will apply next week to the 3 minutes (here’s hoping)

I’ll be running on Friday with my partner who is home for a few days after working away. I’ve downloaded another copy of week 3 to put on my old Mp3 player that he can use. Anyway, onwards to run 3 on Friday.....


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Good luck on W3R3. I did W3R2 yesterday but had to do it at lunch time instead of evening. My lunchtime route is relatively flat except for that last 3 minutes when it goes up almost vertical (or so it seems). Thought the flat bit would have been really comfortable but still puffed a bit. Think I probably should cut out all the rubbish food I eat! W3R3 tomorrow - help..........


I'm hoping that it wasn't any easier today due to the large meal last night. Good luck for run 3 tomorrow :-)


Well done on W3R2 Clare - I did a Spinnging class last night & am working away today - so I'll not have caught you up again until tomorrow.

Some days are gonna be harder than others - the good news is you did it regardless!!


Well done on fitting a spinning class in. Good luck for your run tomorrow :-)

Here's to run 3


I'm doing my W3R2 tomorrow morning- I couldn't believe how easy the 90 second runs were in R1 so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow to see if the 3 minute runs become easier! I always find that the 2nd run of a week is the hardest though so we'll see.

I'm dreading week 4 but this programme has been great so far with knowing what I am capable of each week so I have faith that I can do it!

Good luck with run 3 and beyond!


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