Couch to 5K

OMG! week 5 r 3

didn't sleep the best last night knowing what my plan was this am.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP = 6.15 alarm ( didn't want to move) eventually after a quick cuddle with my wife and her threataning to pull hairs in delicate places i got up. Bio break, dressed and down stairs to get rest of gear

used Endomondo on my phone for first time today

all plugged in and set off on the 5 min walk, was amazed how much lighter it was today than even tuesday morning.........its time to start running 3,2,1 go....

felt ok breathing ok pace slow and steady...... 5mins gone :).......10 mins gone :).....furthest i have run in years in one go.

the rest of the run was getting tough but with laura's encouragement and recollecting the posts on the various blogs i plodded on....

you can slow down now well done you have just run for 20 mins.....big slaps on my thighs as grats and saying out loud i just ran 20 mins no stop ......

what a feeling warm down walk with cheesiest grin ever, comming down the steps of my back garden i saw my wife thro' kitchen window and i gave big thumbs up!

I am a RUNNER!!!!!!

my reward was a lovely pint glass of juice with a kiss n slight hug ( i was sweaty betty).

after cool doWn a few stretches for my back and off for best shower ever.

i ran for 3.28km endomondo calculated chuffed.

would like to thank all guys on here for the great support we give each other.

we are all bettre people for what we have achieved and are continuing to achieve,

MIND over MATTER..................


:) :) :) :)

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Woo well done you completed the scary 20mins! You should have a big grin on your face and be proud. It's my turn on Saturday so wish me luck eek!


Fan bleedin tastic!

My little girl won't hug me after a run no matter how hard I chase her round the house, uuiuurghhh daddy you are all smelly and sweaty!

Sometimes I even get the suspicious look and a tentative "you aren't all sweaty are you?". when I come home from work! Not sure what she thinks I do all day :-D


Top banana! Well done


Congratulations!! you must be so chuffed!


As b3any_boy said TOP BANANA, well done. Great to hear its possible, enjoy the feeling of achievement, you deserve a reward for all your hard work, enjoy ...


Well done fantastic!! :)

I've got my 20 min run in 2 weeks tomorrow so thanks for posting this, it's great motivation!


Well ruddy done! My turn on wednesday.. Really getting a lot of inspiration from all the posts like yours, thank you!


That's great :) We're starting an epidemic of grinning on this site.


Fantastic - I am so chuffed for you. I'm doing it tommorow and I'm going to Rock it too!

Good luck with week 6



well done :)


Congratulations! I found that to be an awfully hard run but did it too! You will be rewarded with a little easier run for w6r1. I was dreading that run just knowing it was going to be harder. It wasn't and we an an amazing unseasonable cool day.

I love this program. Lost 10 pounds so far and feeling better than i have in a long time.


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