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Week 5 r 3

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I had a bit of crunchy time with my knees earlier in the week so I have had a couple of days rest. Today I was due the biggy, the 20 mins straight through but I had decided it made more sense to repeat run 2. So off I go with MJ this morning....but when we got to the end of the 8 mins I thought why not flip it around a bit and run through the walk to 13 mins and THEn walk. But then I just kept going and if myaths is right that was 21 minutes straight through! I am amazed. My pace is very slow - I call it more of a jamble - like a cross between a jog and an amble - but still. I cannot believe the progress in 5 weeks. Thanks c25k. And to all you guys. I love reading your inspiring posts x

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Superb job... yes that was 21. How good does that feel???? Now you can run a whole session, well done.

Well run you!!! Slow & steady into W6.

I am impressed indeed. To get that done with questionable knees is excellent.

Listen to your body and take it easy on the knees, especially with the colder weather coming. I was told by my Local Bike Shop (LBS) not to cycle with bare legs below about 12 degrees. I assume the same applies to running too. Maybe we can go slightly lower as we don't have the same wind chill. Whatever the science is, be careful with them, but keep going as long as it doesn't hurt.

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Thanks everyone for the wise advice as usual. I will indeed be taking it slowly and I hadn't thought of the difference that the cooler weather would make so thnks for that. Looking forwards to the next run now !

Ha Ha. I too completed the 20mins run last night. couldn't believe how relatively comfortable it was. Didn't think I could do it but wow! Just want to run all the time now. Like you I'm quite slow but looking at week 6 run 1 they are shorter runs to start so may try to go a wee bit faster. I think I covered about 1.5 miles in the 20 mins.

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