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W2r2 tough secret run today but the dog is fine

Poppy dog is clearly finding her feet. She raced up all the stairs for the first time yesterday, definitely fitter. She'd only been able to get up 3 steps before. I'm a lot more creaky, hips ache. Finding the time between work and school runs tricky so took older daughter (synchronised mp3s again) after school and during music lesson. Tough going. I don't think the fish and chips I had for lunch helped. Got a stitch in the first run, staggered through the next. Think I may have to repeat this one to get more confident but I'll see how the next run goes. I'm shattered. Daughter had no problems, oh the joy of youth. Not sure what the music teacher thought when we turned up hot and sweaty. Husband away over weekend so keeping the secret not so hard for the next run - so want to be able to sign up for a 5k run alongside one of his marathons.

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Good for you. I too have creaky hips and knees but I am feeling much brighter... just like the sunshine today.


if I run in the morning, which I prefer, I dont get stitch. if I run in the late afternoon I get dreafull stitch coupled with the urge for a wee! the joys of motherhood & 5 children :)

hubby is gonna be soooo surprised when he finds out. especially if he runs marathons. not long now & you will be able to join him...


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