today is the day

Today is my graduate run. I was hoping it wouldn't be raining and uneliveably its really sunny!

my last run I managed 4.65k in 32.30. My plan today is to be to run until I hit 5k (whenever that will be!).

My plan following graduation is to do 2 30 min runs a week and one 5k - and try and get the distance of the first up and the time for the second down.

Also toying with the idea of planning to run a 10k next year to give me a goal.

Allthough I need to get thorough today first.

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  • Thinking of you and wishing you loads of luck and energy! If there's a little breeze, I hope it stays behind you.....oh, and that the season's low sun stays out of your eyes! X

  • Good luckJust think how amazing you will feel when you finish Good that you have plan for next stage in your running

  • Thanks for the encouragement! I will let you know how I get on!

  • Good Luck :)

  • Good luck , lovely day for it .

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