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Couch to 5K+ in a day - taking the black dog for a run

I spent most of the day on the sofa, in dressing gown, looking for music, reading poems and feeling generally miserable and sad. I think my friend's black dog came to visit me :-( I let it wander around the house for a bit and then decided to take it for a run at around 4pm.

I put on my gear, set my lively music (Turkish groove, it's really upbeat, but I can't run in time to it) and set off for a warm up walk. I thought I'd have a go at the W1R2 of my adapted 10K plan, which should have been warm up, 18 minutes run, 3 minutes interval, 18 minutes run and a cool down, but I also told myself that it was ok to stop earlier if I couldn't shake off the mood, after all, I don't want any injuries or setbacks. You see, I decided to be gentle on myself, as several of you have suggested (thank you for your lovely posts, they really helped).

What. A. Run. I did some personal bests tonight :-D

PB: distance 4.5 miles overall

PB: total running time 48 minutes, split 18+30 (yes, THIRTY!!!) with 3 minute recovery interval and, to be honest, I had recovered in about 90 seconds, but thought I'd make the most of being allowed a break so that I could get through the next 18 minutes ;-)

I just wanted to run back close enough to home that I wouldn't get too cold walking, as I had no jacket and then I carried on when the Turkish album finished and Bruno Mars came on. Just had to keep going until Runaway Baby :-)

Black dog, I'm ready for you any time you need some exercise......... :-D

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I'm glad you had a good run. Be gentle to yourself more often, you deserve it :-)


thanks, I will :-)


Well done, vixiej! You covered some distance and gave yourself a huge shot of endorphins! Look after yourself. :)


It gave me such a boost I actually enjoyed cooking dinner, although I undid some of my good work with a large glass of white wine and a slice of lemon tart accompanied by a little glass of pudding wine afterwards :-p :-D


Well done vixiej! Seems as though the black dog knew you needed the company on your run. How lovely of him to accompany you.

The slice of lemon tart and the accompanying white wine were just what you needed.

You're doing great.

Be kind to yourself hon.

Colette x


it seems that nobody else likes lemon tart, heartbreaking, I guess I'll just have to have a slice every day until it's gone. :-D I think the wine will be done tomorrow though, I can only get 4 or 5 glasses out of a bottle and last night's was quite a large one!


What a shame. Tell you what, I'll eat a cyber piece, Richard will eat 2-he just loves lemon tart! We have some wine here, so you're welcome to come and eat and drink with us, lol!!


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