Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 1

Luckily this time round I have somebody to run with which helps pass the time but this time I am going slightly faster and during todays run we decided that the couch to 5k program is in fact a secret program by the NHS to rid the country of unfit people (If I post no more blogs then the government have found this and done away with me for 'outing' their plan haha) - The things that go through your mind whilst running :P but on a different note it wasn't that bad at all it was just my inner couch potato trying to get out :P

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Ha! Beat the NHS dastardly schemes and become a secret runner!


LOL...... its a hard job trying to suppress the inner couch potato but well done with it so far..... Hoping they haven't come to take you away ha ha


Haha they didn't come for me so all is good :P running again tonight!!


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