Just started with week 1 run 1

I have never run before. I have had a long lasting relationship with my couch, but things just aren't working out. Today, I attempted the wwek 1 run 1 frim the couch to 5k program. I was unable to complete all of the runs. I decided that I should try to be proud of what I HAVE accomplished rathee than feel guilty about not completing my runs. It might take me longer, but I'll just repeat week 1 until I can complete it. I am really out of shape and as it was, ended up bright red in the face. Currently I am running outside, but I will have to move to a treadmill when it gets colder. I'm going ti guve this a fair try.


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  • Well done!! That's great!!! The first one is the worst. You will be amazed how quick you see your fitness improve. Just remember to go slowly when you run. Brilliant though! You are off that couch!!!! Xx

  • Well done getting started is the hardest part, just take it nice and slowly and persevere and you will get there :)

  • I started running in April and I still go bright red!

    Well done for getting started. :-)

  • Well done and welcome. If you feel you didn't get near the run intended just repeat the run ... not the week ... unless the week was a bad one all round. But your body will soon nuild up its tolerance and I don't imagine you'll have a bad week. We all have the occasional bad run and then it's purely your own decision to repeat or push on. Good luck and looking forward to hearing your great results!

  • I too started my wk1 r1 yesterday, and yes like everyone says that's the hardest one to do, it's getting motivated to do start. But well done,just take things slowly and build on from there.

  • It gets easier and easier as you get fitter. Well done for getting started. I was in the same position as you back in February, and now I'm running two to three times a week. Just take one run at a time and keep up that sound attitude!

  • I have joined in with a local group of runners starting the runs at week 1. Great motivation and then do 2 more runs on our own. Start week 4 tonight....I've even run in the rain because of the support of the other ladies. We pay a pound and then it goes to Cystic Fibrosis charity. Perhaps might be worth finding out if there is something similar near to you?

    As everyone else says.....keep going...the system works and you will get there!

    Good luck.

  • I managed the first four runs the first time and walked the rest (rather than trying to run again that session) That way I had a good marker of progress - and like you I was pleased to have done what I did. It took me a lot of sessions to complete the three successful runs (fortunately I quite liked the Week 1 music)... but the good news is that I did, and never needed to do an extra run for the rest of C25K.

    Do you have a condition that would be affected by exercising outdoors when it is cold? I was always someone who went out for a walk with a coat and umpteen layers... but now I'll run in just a long sleeved t shirt and leggings (with lots of buffs for head, neck, hands) in snow at minus 10.

  • Well done for taking that first step. Your fitness will build and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

  • Well done you for making the decision to actually do some thing - you should feel proud. I took longer to complete this, I repeated weeks at a time until I felt comfortable. Do listen to 'coach' and trust her.

    I read a great article about enjoying running - I was feeling bad about being so slow ( 58 minutes for 5k) and it said unless you are racing or being sponsored - what's the rush. And now I love it it. I run cos I can so keep it up you will be amazed at what you can achieve with the baby steps

  • Welcome to the team.... We have all been where you are Im now on week 8

    I always said I can't run so an occasional walk was my exercise first week was hard but I look back with pride

    Good luck with the next run and remember slow steady pace and you with complete your goal

  • Well done :) I was like you but I couldn't even run the first minute! I'm now on week 5. I've repeated weeks until I could complete them and I've even done a parkrun when I was on week 3. Trust me when I say there is hope. I work at a desk and never walk and I think if I can do it anyone can. I think I should be on week 7 or 8 by now but I've struggled. You should be proud you are trying as it would be easier to give up. Pat yourself on the back and I look forward to reading your updates :)

  • Keep going it will all come together in the end 😀 I started in March on the c25k and now heading for a half marathon. It is achievable and be kind to yourself celebrate every day you get off the couch x

  • Hiya Runningforbroke, I was exactly yen same....couldn't run all the 60sec runs and here I am starting week 6 ....I never thought I could do it but I did, and I'm amazed at it...still!!

    I'm not saying it's easy, not saying I look graceful or elegant...I plod, but I do it...slowly! And with a VERY red face hahahahaha

    Well done for starting, that's the hardest bit!

    I only manage 2 runs in a week so my weeks turn into 8/9days but I don't mind how long it takes me, I'll get there even if it's 12/13/14 was instead of 9

    Good luck 😊

  • Well done on getting off the couch!

    We all have bright red faces so don't worry about that!!!!

    You might find as you go through the runs and get beetroot faced cos you're so darned smokin hot that you will actually want to run outside when colder weather arrives. Running when it's cooler is much easier ! You soon harden up and will surprise yourself that you go out in a flimsy tee shirt in winter, but if you stick to this running lark you'll do just that

    I started running at the end of the year and had to run all through winter. I was the biggest wimp ever but I soon found that I got warmed up quickly and that running without layers was great! I might start off with my lightweight running jacket on but it soon comes off and gets tied round my waist til I've finished running and I pop it back on to do the cool down walk and get home

    STick to the programme and you won't know yourself in a few months time

    Good luck!

  • You did the hardest part- starting! Just keep on keeping on at your own pace. Everyone is here to support and cheer you on. :-)

  • You have the right attitude. Stick with week one until you complete it, and if you are still unsure about moving on to week two, do week one again. I think you will be fine. But, if you need help or support - this place is great!

  • Personally I think the name "Couch to 5k" is a little misleading. When I first started I was quite active - I'm a teacher so on my feet 4-5 hours a day, plus I've always enjoyed walking. I really struggled with week 1.

    But as you say, look at what you have done - getting out of the front door and having the frame of mind to do some exercise is a massive step. Keep doing week 1 until you get it. I'm up to week 7 at the moment, but I started about 4 months ago - I have repeated weeks when needed.

    Keep at it, you'll get to your goal.

  • I felt exactly the same. In 7 weeks I run 25 mn three times a week. You can do it !

  • I'm glad you're being positive about what you've achieved, it's amazing to get out that front door and go for it!

    You're doing absolutely the right thing in listening to your body as many people, like myself, haven't and we've ended up on the injury couch! Sometimes I think it's hard to let ourselves do what we can and celebrate it without thinking I could have gone faster, further etc.

    Personally, I think it's a great thing to be able to use the programme but also to listen to your body and when it's telling you to slow down or to keep where you are so your body can adjust.

    Keep with it, you'll love the way you feel after a good run and will be really chuffed that you've listened to your body and not ended up with injuries! :-)

  • You're right think what you have accomplished, I think actually starting is really difficult! I've just done w8R1, I wasn't fast but I did it, thanks to Laura! I am/was the original couch potato and I'm older and overweight but each time I finish a session I give myself a little pat on the back and look forward to the next. Someone said to me it's a mental blockage you need to overcome and I think there's truth in that. Just follow the programme and have confidence in it. I wish you very good luck.

  • Ah ha...in all honesty, most of us have been there! Don't despair, and be very proud of what you have done. After all, you have done more than those still on the couch, and you should be very proud of yourself.

    If you want/need inspiration, watch the Youtube clip, 'running for my existence'. What Rog has achieved, especially when you see where he started, is amazing, and shows that it is in ALL of us to achieve it.

    We are ALL here for you; and never worry about asking anything. The chances are that if you are wondering/worried about something, others are as well, and we are ALL prepared to help and support.

    Keep going, enjoy(?) running and keep us posted...it does help!

  • Wow! Thank you all for the support! I bought some new running shoes and my next run is today. I'm feeling determined!

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