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Week 2 Run 1

Its done! I must say it is much better than last week and with my runners outfit, it run better :P

I was suppose to do it on Monday but had no energy at all so I did it yesterday evening.

All went good but just one thing my ear plugs from my Ipod kept falling. Do you have any tips and trick about it? Or maybe about a brand that I can buy ?

Good luck to all!

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I got JVC ones that hook over your ear and have a soft ear bud that fits in your ear - they're very comfortable and don't fall off.

They come in different colours so you can probably get some to match your nice new runners outfit ;-)

Well done !


Way to go! I just completed W2R2 last night. So I am in the same spot. I am using the iPhone headset which stays in ok but is loose. I would look at the over the ear variety. Good luck!!


Keep up Kmass I wish you strenght to complete ;)


i tape my ipod earplugs in with a sticking plaster or a micropore dressing! :)


I bought some sports earphones with a band that goes around the back of your head. They can't fall out. Mine were quitte expensive but they have Karrimor ones in Sports Direct for a few pounds. Good luck,I'm on week 9. Xxx


super nice thanks for the tip, I plan to run more and more so I dont mind to invest ;)


Thanks to all of you for the tips! I appreciate a lot!


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