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Just finished Week 4 Run 2...

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...and it wasn't as awful.

I'm not saying I enjoyed it, because I don't like running, but I think I've finally got my pacing sorted out!

I run by myself, and I feel stupid talking to myself, so the compromise is I've started lip syncing to my music, i.e. breathing as if I would have to if I were actually singing, but not making any noise. It's helped slow me down to the snail pace that I can currently manage, and as a bonus, helps distract from the running. I could have run for longer/further today than Jo Whiley told me to. :)

I feel like I'm making progress!:)

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Well done and yes, you are making progress! I'm curious though that you say "I don't like running", ?

What is it you dislike about something you have chosen to do 😁 ?

Well, I hate all forms of exercise, but I figure I've got do something to stay healthy, and running seems to be the least objectionable. :D I can't stay on the couch full-time, right?

Plus, I seem to have accidentally ended up with loads of friends who run. Peer pressure! 😂

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to fromthetop

Give it time.

You have the joys of Spring to look forward to when your appreciation of our wonderful world will grow and, as you get stronger and are not pushing the bounds each week, you will really appreciate how different your life can be, simply by running.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Instructor57Administrator in reply to fromthetop

Well, as IannodaTruffe has said .Give it time .

It really is early days yet .

Once the weather improves and you have graduated and maybe running different routes , maybe parkruns or running with your new found running friends you might just discover the enjoyment of just being able to run .

Remember, it dosent need to be competitive !

I also don't enjoy running, except for the times that I do! I think that as time goes on you may begin to like it better, especially if you can get out for some different runs. Running somewhere new does distract you and these tend to be the runs that I really enjoy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lipsyncs, though. I'm sure people must wonder about the mad woman running up the main road 'singing'!

Honestly, the lip syncing trick is such a game-changer! 😀 I wish someone had told me about this years ago!

Today was the first time I didn't feel myself counting down every single minute, so I remain hopeful one day I might enjoy running more...

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I sing along as well, sometimes I put a little dance in also😎🤫

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I run by myself and talk and sing a little, ( when I have a bit more breath). I look around, I take everything in... and I don't feel stupid. Mind I do have a reputation for being a tad loopy:)If you are able to talk to yourself, then the pace is right... a comfortable one:) By looking around, and taking every single thing around you in, that can distract from the minute counting.

Try focusing too, maybe, on one aspect of your run; focus on relaxing, for example. Hands, shoulders, neck and face... then maybe the way your feet move, rounding the ankle and landing lightly... lots you are able to do, and as the runs move on, maybe the enjoyment will follow.

Well done for doing this, and taking control of your health. :)

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Well done! I can totally relate to it. I have never liked running because I dont like exercising either, in particular the ones that make my heart rate go up and make catching my breath difficult.I am doing it for the same reason because I know exercising is good for me.

C25k programme has been really good so far. I am in week 9 and the programme has succeeded in not putting me off running or disliking it. I find the forum very helpful with my running journey and I hope I will start enjoying it one day.

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fromthetop in reply to Me_time

Glad to hear you've stuck it out as far as week 9 - you're so nearly done! :) I look forward to catching you up in 5 weeks or so!

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