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Bursitis /Arthritis hip area - any advice?

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Well I couldn't be lower than a snake's belly (as the saying goes!). Following 4 weeks of a stubborn, debilitating cold virus (not covid), I had the onset of pain on outer edge of hip that has got so bad I couldn't sleep. I've had to take prescribed painkillers which are helping me through the night . No doctor appointment available, but surgery referring me for xray and arranged for a physio to call me. Physio thinks it's inflammation of bursis or possibly arthritis. As I hadn't run for 4 weeks, I don't feel running has caused this, but who knows.

Has anyone had similar to deal with and were you able to continue to run at some point and put it behind you - I'm hoping it doesn't mean time has been called on all that I've achieved as an older gal so far.

Best wishes to everyone. ☺️

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Oh poor you! Without a proper diagnosis it's difficult. I did have hip bursitis many years ago and after 2 cortisone injections, lots of swimming front crawl and a change of footwear I saw it off.

Good luck and I hope you get the advice you need!

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RaisemeupGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Thank you Roxdog, good to know you're still running which is encouraging. I have mixed advice, physio said keep doing as much as you can, while I've read that with Bursitis rest is important.Best wishes ☺️

Hello lovely, I had bursitis in hip years ago (but wasn’t running at the time) and steroid injection cleared it up. Hope you get it sorted soon - it’s painful and frustrating and even worse if affecting your sleep 🤗

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RaisemeupGraduate in reply to Slothgoesrunning

Thank you for the replySlothgr, I'm using ice pack, anti inflammatory gel and a painkiller at night, hopefully I can hold off the jab in the hope that it will ease off.

Best wishes ☺️

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I developed severe hip pain on one side last April (following a run) similar to what you describe. I thought it might be hip bursitis, after googling hip pain, but my GP (remotely) diagnosed Trochanteric pain. I couldn't run and even walking was painful so I just had to rest it for a few weeks. I found some appropriate exercises on the internet and also started going for longer walks when it felt better. I did eventually restart C25k but the pain came back when I got up to week 5 so I stopped running. I have recently restarted again :)

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Thanks for your reply Newbie59. Yes, I've been reading about Trochanteric pain and it could be a possible. I hope I get an ex Ray soon and see what that indicates then treat accordingly.Glad to hear you have been able to start 5k again and good luck with it and your hip. Best wishes ☺️

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Yes, I had this really badly a few years back before I started running - I was walking with a crutch and then a stick for a while. Physio sorted it out and I’ve carried on doing those exercises almost every day since. I occasionally get a bit of a flare up but nothing that a day or two of rest can’t resolve, and then it’s back to running again. Good luck!

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Without a proper diagnosis it's not possible too speculate. I had debilitating hip pain last June. I could only get a telephone appointment and the doctor diagnosed hip bursitis and gave me a prescription for naproxen, which was vile. I subsequently saw one NHS and one private physio who both diagnosed a torn piriformis.

The treatment, and even the medication, for the two conditions is different. If I'd continued with the doctor's telephone diagnosis, would have been taking meds that were less effective and exercises/rest that was inappropriate, and could easily have aggravated my condition.

Until you get to see a professional in-person, I would take it easy and try not to do anything that caused the pain to worsen. I appreciate that's difficult - just getting out of bed in the morning was excruciating for me some days.

It really wore me down at the time, but I'm out there running again now - thing will get better! I hope you get it sorted soon. Good luck x

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RaisemeupGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Thanks for your informative reply Speedy60. I quite agree that seeing a physio in person is probably the way to go and I'm going to try to organise this - covid willing! Glad to hear you have been able to keep running and hope you have many more pain free runs ahead of you.Best wishes ☺️

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Thank you Diddidi. I haven't needed a stick as yet as walking is generally more comfortable than sitting. I am going to try to get to see a physio in person and hopefully get some relief and further advice.Glad to know it does get better even though it's not quick. Best wishes for pain free runs.

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I wasn't running at the time but many years ago I had debilitating hip pain following a car accident. Months of expensive private physiotherapy did nothing to help and eventually my GP agreed to refer me for physiotherapy the NHS. Their approach was totally different and I was diagnosed with bursitis. Eventually it needed a couple of hydrocortisone injections but it did finally resolve.Last year I hurt my hip during a 10k run. I couldn't walk properly and sleeping was difficult. The symptoms felt similar to those after my accident but a visit to a sports physio diagnosed gluteal tendinopathy, not bursitis. Several weeks following his glute strengthening program got me back running again.

So I think it's important to find the right person to help you,which can be a bit hit and miss, and then to get the right diagnosis.

Telephone or video consultations in my opinion don't cut the mustard and you need to see someone face to face.

Good luck and I hope you are soon running pain-free again

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Thank you Birdlady, sorry to hear that you have also been through the wars and pleased you have managed to overcome it. I have a face-to -face appointment with a physio next week, but as you say, I’ll be leaving all options open . The drawback with NHS physio at the moment is the waiting list. I am to receive an X-ray, but not holding my breath as to when I’ll get it!

Hi, just to say, I am a very old runner, well slow jogger anyway. I'm 70 and starting Cto5K for the second time. I had a bad fall to get better from and then life intervened for a few weeks and now I'm back to it. I had hip and back pain which seemed to get better by running but it might not have been the same cause as yours. I just wanted to say don't give up. My doctor said, when I fell, "Whatever you do, don't stop running."

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Thank you Gobojo, that's good advice and I'll be running again soon as I can. I'm told that all the while we run, aches and pains are held at bay, and when we stop that's when we feel the various complaints that may be there. So for me, I think I'll keep running until I drop! Hope you're now over your fall, must have been a shock but you're working through C25k again, that's inspirational, well done! Btw 70 isn't old nowadays, there are many who run well past that number, and I wish you many more enjoyable runs.

Best wishes ☺️

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