Poorly knees - Advice for physio?

I shouldn't be surprised really as my right knee has been sore for at least 3 weeks but I've always been able to run it off.  I walk 5 minutes and limp/run the first minute and then all is fine.  Not anymore.  I managed to run 2 miles today (had to stop twice) but couldn't do any more.

My right knee was sore and then my left decided to join in on the walk home.  My right achilles then turned up uninvited to the pain party (but did bring a bottle of lambrini so I let him in) :)

I've managed to get a physio appointment for tomorrow.  I've never been to one before - any top tips?  What will they do?  How will I know if they are any good?  I picked them because they're in walking distance!

I'm really annoyed as I'm doing 30 miles in May for OutRun Macmillan and I've done 4 so far.  Grrr!


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12 Replies

  • You made the right decision to see a physio ☺

    They will probably ask you lots of questions and get you to do exercises to try and work out what the root cause is.

    As for are they any good that will depend on what the diagnose and what they suggest and does it cure the problem . 

    I would say listen to what they say and go in with a positive  approach 

    Good luck hope it goes well and you get a positive outcome from the visit 

  • If they cure all your pain instantly they are good. If they suggest (shudder) you stop running, they are obviously charlatans and rogues and should be dragged out into the street and horse-whipped.

  • Hahaha, I agree!

  • Brilliant.  I'll see if I can find my whip just in case 😂

  • sorry barmybint I got busy laughing at rignolds reply before replying to you..

    I really hope you get to the bottom of what's causing the pain, wearing loose trousers or shorts ( or shorts underneath loose trousers) helps if they need to look at your posture and knee bend etc and I would bring my running trainers with me. 

    All the best, stay positive as Slow_Rob mentioned & Let us know how the appt goes👍

  • Sorry to hear this Barmy, but yes you have made the right decision.

    Just to tell you of my experience after I suffered severe right  hip pain last year as I didn't have a clue what to expect either.

    I saw a lovely chap called Alex . He asked me where the pain was ( that's a good start, I

    thought , Ha ha )  Did I get it just running or all the time, is it a sharp or dull pain/ache .

    He then laid me down on the massage couch ( Ooo- err ) and pulled my leg all over the place , bent it , stretched it and diagnosed it as Hip Bursitis .  He then told me not to run for 2 weeks and gave me strengthening exercises to do every day and told me to go back in 2 weeks . The exercises and the rest really helped me so all in all the experience was very positive .

    Good Luck, and please let us know how you go on ! :-) xxx

  • My physio was wonderful too. I had no idea what to expect, but hubby, who had loads of physio in his youth for sporting ailments, told me to wear shorts. Best advice he could have given, despite the fact that I don't usually do shorts unless there are beaches and waves in the vicinity. 

    Good luck.🍀 Keep us informed -bet you get quad strengthening exercises.

  • Thanks all - lucky it's a lovely day, so will wear shorts without looking too weird (although I expect to cause some crashes when drivers are dazzled by the glare coming off them) :)

    Usually, my right knee hurts when I get out of bed but nothing hurting at all this morning - typical!

  • How did you get on? Amazes me you can still be funny with a crocked knee (lambrini though, really?!). Mines dodgy too but just exercised it and feels loads better. xx

  • Leaving in 10 minutes...spent the morning doing housework and it feels OK (ish).  The use of Lambrini was for comedic purposes only!  In real life, you have to bring vodka to get into my house :)

  • I'm back.  Bloody knees hardly hurt at all so I'm sure she thought I was making it up!  Anyway after a lot of looking and prodding and pulling in various directions, she thinks that both my knees are out of alignment.  Have 4 different sets of exercises to do and then back in 2 weeks to see how.  She was going to tape them up but decided to try exercises only first.

    No running for 2 weeks - absolutely gutted as I've only done 4 miles of the 30 I'm supposed to be doing for Macmillan OutRun May.  Oh well, I hope my sponsors won't mind it being OutRun June instead :(

  • Oh dear being out of alignment sounds very unpleasant! Are the exercises helping at all?

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