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Has anybody had hip bursitis?

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Once again week 8 has caused me problems. Last time it was my Achilles (which stopped me running for 12 weeks) and now I have problem with my left hip which came on during my 3rd run of week 8 - although I did manage to keep going until the end.

Looking on the internet I think it's hip bursitis, with a treatment of ice, rest followed by gradual exercise to strengthen the muscles.

However, according to one specialist on Runners World, he suggests that you can keep running with hip bursitis.

As I'm so close to graduating (once more), maybe I could get through the next three runs dosed up with ibuprofen plus a few packs of frozen peas.

Has anybody else had hip bursitis problems and what did you do? Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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Hi hits. I haven't had this, but I think what the poster on RW meant was that while you can run, you shouldn't look to push yourself. Please see this useful post on the Bupa website if you haven't already: bupa.co.uk/running/injury-p...

I would suggest, give your keeness to complete the programme, that you need to think long term and keeping going after wk9. You've done all this hard work and it would be a shame to spoil it for the sake of a few days rest and recovery. Plus, the potential for causing a more severe injury.

You know your body best, but it may be worth running on a treadmill if you want to run, and to make sure you stop, rather than push through the pain. You may want to go to Pilates classes to help develop strength in your core and legs.

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Hi Tanyag 163

Really appreciate your comments and especially the Bupa info.

Unfortunately, it's sometimes easy to focus on the immediate goal rather than looking at the longer term.

Last week I got myself psyched up to complete my first Parkrun and was so disappointed that I couldn't take part.

And, the thought of having to go back to week 3, once again, doesn't appeal to me at all.

However, re: the Pilates advice, I've just started to go to a weekly class as I recognise that my core strength is woeful.

Actually, what's really amazing is that I'm writing this as a previously non running, anti keep fit, anti gym bothering person for more or less all my adult life.

Who'd of thought that C25K would have changed my thinking so much.

Thanks again - I'll keep you posted.

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Not a worry. I have posted elsewhere about my injury after wk7, which was essentially runners knee, which led to a hamstring sprain becuase I was so keen to get to the end of wk7. Although not the same kind of injury, I am always wary now of trying to run through the pain. I would rather rest, or, if able to, to run at a less intensive level rather than stick to a programme and increase the intensity. My father was a keen runner and used to run through his injuries and now he

has osteoarthritis. I know you are gutted about being so close to finishing, but the way I look at it is that running doesn't just stop when wk 9 finishes - I (and I'm sure you do too!) want to go on and progress to 5ks 10ks, possibly even more. C25k is just a stepping stone for a long term programme and if needing to pause or repeat a week means I can meet my long term goals, then the focus has to be on the bigger picture.

I also agree with Mummysaurus below about seeing your GP if necessary. From what I understand of bursitis, it can develop into quite a nasty condition that may need an operation to help relieve the inflamation. I'm sure you don't want to go down that route as it would definately mean having to take time off from running.

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You're completely right - it's not a race. I think I'll take it easy for a few more days and see what it's like this time next week.

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I would use the ice treatment and take a couple of extra days rest, if no improvement then see your GP

Hi there

I had hip bursitis a couple of years ago from moving house single handed (its a long story). I did all the things the doctor recommended, and in the end the only thing that worked for me was moving through the pain. I wasn't running at the time, but did some long hikes and it totally sorted me out. I would say anti-inflammatories in the first couple of weeks to get the inflammation and swelling down and then get out there (unless you have any other health problems that would get in the way). Mine has not come back with running, and if it did, I don't think I would be stopping. Good luck.

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Thanks DelilahDogstar - Good advice, I'll keep taking the anti-inflams and see where I am in weeks time.

Having had a similar problem which took a good few months to overcome, i would suggest core strengthening exercises, some good post run hip stretches and what finally sorted mine, getting a gait analysis and supportive trainers. Am all sorted now but it did take a good few months...but love the running so well worth the effort. Good luck. :)

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Thanks Itsallanadventure

I've just started going to Pilates to try to improve my core strength and following my Achilles problems I had a gait analysis and invested in a new pair of trainers but ,I take your point about stretches and kick myself for not doing more after running. Sadly, you only realise how important it is to spend more time stretching before and after running once the damage has been done.

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