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Breezed through w3r1 !

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Just completed run1 of week 3. Not sure if it was a shorter run or I missed something, it seemed to be over quickly. I was a bit apprehensive knowing it will be longer running time, however pretty much breezed through it. May be over last two weeks my stamina has improved or my understanding of slow jog! Or a combination of both :) As it seemed easier, I carried on and walked another 5k for some exercise.

Even the hill on the way back home that I contemplate to avoid everytime, but never actually avoid it even though it is a killer, I walked it at the same pace! So, definitely noticed a positive difference.

I really liked Laura's tip for this week..the hedge example. For me it was a good reference point to know 'slow running/light jog'.

Looking forward to next run & hoping today wasn't just a beginner's luck :D

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Brilliant you're learning with each run 👍 onwards 🤓

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Great work Me Time! I start W3 on Sunday, looking forward to it now. Where do you run?

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Me_time in reply to Phdgranny

Hi Phdgranny, I mostly walk/run in a nearby park. Sometimes on weekends, I change the scenery if I have a bit of extra time :)

Well done.

W3 is actually the shortest workout in the plan and you run for the same overall duration as in W2, but you will be developing stamina, so keep at it

Thank you Iannoda, so it was a shorter run! I hope you are right & I am building strength and stamina.

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Week 3 is when things clicked for me mentally. Instead of doing C25K because I felt I needed to, I started to want to do it.

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Me_time in reply to nowster

I hope it happens for me at some stage as well :D

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Me_time

It'll happen. It helps that when I was doing C25K it was summer.

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Me_time in reply to nowster

I am doing in summer too :)

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Me_time

As it's currently winter here, I assume you're a fair bit south of me. 🤣

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Me_time in reply to nowster

Hey Nowster, I forgot this is UK site. I am in New Zealand & it is summer time in this part of the world!

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Great, I'm doing Week 3 run 1 tomorrow :)

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Me_time in reply to Newbie59

Oh more person at the beginning of week3 👍 and you have done this before like phdgranny. I have started following you for motivation & tips. Hope you are okay with that.

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Newbie59Graduate in reply to Me_time

I did the final run of week 3 two days ago and planning to go out this afternoon for the first run of week 4, that's a big jump! But it's gone well so far, wish me luck! :)

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I remember something like that happened to me towards the end of the program. I noticed during the uphill, my legs worked like spring without any effort. I didn't get the feeling again however, but I want to believe that that's because I'm pushing myself just to the point that it doesn't seem too easy. If I do get the feeling again, of course it must mean I'm super fit. Win win either way😆

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Me_time in reply to R2Bears

True. I will find out when i do my run 2 tomorrow if I can maintain the same pace or i struggle like all other times previously lol.

Good for you-its a great feeling knowing youre making progress isnt it? Slower is deffo better than trying to sprint round a course.

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