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W3R1 done!

Last time I attempted c25k I got to week three and gave up because I could not stand running in the rain (glasses wearer) and falling over injuring myself. Now I have joined a gym, I enjoy the sessions on a tredmill.

This morning I got up early done some weights then ran W3R1 as a cardio element. It went well. I jogged (8kmh) through the running parts and brisk walked (5,4kmh). I felt a slight ache near the top of my left ankle, so I am just monitoring it closely so I dont injure myself.

This 3 minute run was a giant step as just a few months ago I couldn't even jog 10 seconds!

Next runs, Wednesday and Friday :)

x A.

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Glasses wearer also... cap wearer :) Trail heads off Amazon... biiiiig brim..great for wet or dry :)

You are doing well and listening to your body is always good:) Take it steady :)


Well done Ayelet....keep going you are doing brilliantly 😊...


And another glasses wearer! I do use contacts for inclement runs, but I'm an outdoors-junkie


Thanks guys. Next planned run is tomorrow. However soon I am away for graduation :D Looking forward to running around loughbrough university as a runner rather than someone jealous of others fitness :)


The w3r2 is now DONE after doing some weights first. Next run Friday.

I have also signed upto women's beginners yoga. I am the most inflexible person ever, so looking forward to starting this.


w3r3 done along with weights. Kind of looking forward to next week, but a bit afraid of the 5 minute run sections.

However I do trust in the programme.


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