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Week3 don't stop me now!!!

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Just completed week 3 run1 and i have to say, it was a bit short! Don't get me wrong, 3 minutes was tough although i think i may have paced myself too slow as i didn't cover my usual distance and seemed to be going very slow with not too much huffin amd puffin! But i ran the two sets of 3 mins... did anyone else find this run shorter than others previously completed?!

On the plus side, running slower meant i could see two woodpeckers by the trees near the river. They spurred me on a little! Looking forward to my next run where i will be sure to put a little more speed into my jog!

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Just finished my week 3 run 1 earlier today, and it felt a bit shorter to me too. I think maybe because the run-walk ratio is quite a bit different, time seems to go faster.

I am due to complete week 3 run 1 tomorrow and find it comforting that people dont find it too hard!! Im dreading jumping from 90 seconds to 3 mins!

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I was the same to be honest, 90 seconds seems like a lot less, but it's only an extra minute and a half, and the rests are much longer. I wouldn't call it easy but it was definitely fun, and I could have kept going for a bit at the end if I'd wanted.

Best of luck!

I just took it steady and paced myself. I think it is the best way to attack it and then just go from there. Good Luck xx


Week 3 runs are the shortest duration of the plan.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy it as in it's all uphill from here?!?!

Yes I found exactly the same, it must been the run - walk ratio. Well done, you will be hooked now! Don't worry about speed, I'm still sticking to my 'Jalk' pace!

Jalk!!! I love that term mind if i borrow it?!

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Go for it πŸ˜€ It's a rather accurate description in my case!

Definately mine too! But better than sitting on sofaπŸ˜‰

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Definetly Runningbunny! Slow, maybe, but there will be no stopping us!

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Me too... slower than the slugs on the cycle path but it is doable. I'm in no hurry!!

Ha! Jalk pace - like it.... We must be doing the same speed :)


I found week 3 run 1 the easiest (and most fun) so far although last week the thought of running 3 mins in one go brought me out in a cold sweat. Roll on week 3, run 2 :-)

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