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W2R1. Hills!!!!??

I run from my house in the middle of the countryside. I don't have time to drive anywhere flat and one of the reasons I'm giving this a go is that even I can fit half an hour into my schedule. But I must admit 90 seconds uphill was incredibly difficult today. My calves are burning!!!! I know I need to go slow and I'm pretty sure I couldn't manage any faster uphill, but I'm really doubtful I'll ever be able to run consistently up and down these hills for the holy grail of 20 minutes, never mind more!!!! Anyone else do this on hills? Does it get better?

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Ahh.. the hills.. they rise up, where there were none before! Many of us have them... and many of us are slow..but, we do get stronger and a tad speedier.

An incline near me, when I was graduating was like Everest.... not so now.. and it will improve...hard to believe I know.

Just warm up really well... and take it gently... stretch really well after every run too...

A few of us use these... they work..I roll my calves too.


Very well done you..just slow and steady as you go on :)


I changed my route in W6 to avoid finishing every run on a long uphill. That hill soon got conquered and just became the slow part of my 5k route.

Hills make you stronger and many of us have routes specifically chosen because they include hills.

You could always turn round and head back down again if it gets too much. Then you could see if you can get a bit further up the hills each time you tackle them.


That’s my oroblem too. Hills. I live in the Cotswolds. And I have an inhaler for wheezy lungs. I try to find flatter bits but find the hills happen just when I have to run. It’s a struggle. About to start week 3 and am dauntd by the thought of running for 3 minutes round here. I dont drive so cant go somewhwre flatter. Im glad to see others have this problem and have found it gets easier.

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Thanks all. I'll keep on keeping on. I do warm up and stretch afterwards as I couldn't walk for two days after the first run! One day I'm hoping my route will be circular. At the moment I have to turn around at the halfway point. Then I end up running up the hills I just ran down. Total killers!

I'll need to run a lot further to make the turn that makes it circular however! There is a lovely flat bit along the top of the hills along that route if I ever make it.

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I'm in a rural boat too. Nearest flat park is 10miles away. Our village is at the top of a hill... however, I'm just about to start W9. I'll not say it gets easier, but soon you *will* find yourself at the top of a hill saying "how did I get here?"


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