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W1 R4 🤣 worse one yet!

Dairyfarmgirl profile image

I am doing W1 until I can do all the jogs so probably until Christmas if today was anything to go by!

Only managed the first jog, then 3 more at 40 seconds and walked the rest. Pitiful but Lannoda Truffe - I can confirm both feet were off the ground at the same time during my jog bit so thanks for clarifying 😊

Will I ever manage all the jogs??? X

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sparky66 profile image

Awee.. well done on keeping up the effort when it feels so tough.. but ..if.. you keep trying..then of course you will 😊👍Good luck 😃

Mrsrun profile image

Well done for keep going. It will happen , I promise if you keep going .

Dairyfarmgirl profile image
Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Mrsrun

Thank you, i was all for packing it in a few days ago but have calmed down now and got a grip of myself!! x

IannodaTruffe profile image

If you want to get fit, then you have to start from where you are........not where you would like to be, so keep plugging away and you will succeed.

You are not the first to struggle and then overcome the challenge.

Well done.

Very wise words so thank you.

I am starting from 3 stone overweight with a deep seated hatred of exercise having done none in over 30 years so on that basis well done me for even leaving the house never mind attempting any jog at all 😁

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Over60sRunnerGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

I was also 3 stone overweight and couldn't run away if a lion was chasing me 11 weeks ago.

I'm now only two stone overweight, I can run 25 minutes non stop (I'm on week 7 now) - it ain't pretty and it ain't fast, but I am doing it, albeit with some repeated runs/weeks.

I nearly packed it all in at the end of week 3 because my calves were so painful, but with the help and support of some fabulous people on this forum I dug deep and carried on.

You can do this - one run at a time. Take it steady and slow, ask for help and support if you have a bit of a wobble and you'll come through 💪🏃💪

That’s brilliant to hear. My calves were killing me today for the first time.

11 weeks and now you are running for 25 mins is so inspiring 😊

This forum is a lifesaver and I’m feeling the love and support and need it very much as I live on my own bar the dog and I can be a bit negative and hard on myself 😬 x

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Over60sRunnerGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

Oh, and I'm 62 years old too 😮🏃😮

62 is the new 42…

I’m 52 so that makes me 32 🤣😊.

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

52 here now. I'd never run at all, not even in school, before March last year. Yes, I'd occasionally sprint for a bus, but then I'd spend the next ten minutes recovering from it.

My first attempts at C25K were not successful, but I started again at the end of last June and graduated just under a year ago.

I halted the growth of and eventually totally lost the beer belly I was starting to develop. I'm now back at the weight I was in my twenties. Exercise alone won't do that. You've got to combine it with cutting out the naughty snacks.

If you find you can't do all of the run sections of Week 1, do as many as you can, but when you can't, do those sections at a fast walk instead. You can't tick them off until you've done all of them at a jog, but you're still getting some intensity change between the intervals.

That’s encouraging I’m 60’and just done my first day. Glad to hear there’s hope for an oldie

Chairy profile image
Chairy in reply to Over60sRunner

Go girl go and up all oldies. I am 71 and started again last week.

Cp1965 profile image
Cp1965Graduate in reply to Dairyfarmgirl

3 years ago I was 21 stone and got out of breath running a bath (I exaggerate but slightly). Started C25k in May 2020. Just got back from an hour’s run, having set a new personal best for 10k this morning, now just over 13 stone 4 and 11lbs away from halving my bodyweight from when I was at my biggest. If I can do it…!

Dairyfarmgirl profile image
Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Cp1965

You are amazing 🤩 thank you for sharing your story. X

Sar9 profile image

Keep going, you can do it 😊 the programme is so good that you’ll surprise yourself what you can achieve during it!

Dairyfarmgirl profile image
Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Sar9

Thank you for the positive vibes 😊

UnfitNoMore profile image

Your post tells me 100% that you will graduate. You are willing to repeat until Christmas, and more than that, when you didn’t make it to the end of a run interval you could have hit stop... but no, you kept trying.

Running is all about the start lines, keep crossing them and you will succeed in anything you do. It is a mental game, and your post says to me that you are mentally strong.

Great effort... it will all come together sooner than you think.

Ooh thank you. Yes subconsciously I must have decided to keep going until I can do all the jogs in W1. I did nearly give up today, even turned back before half time and got back to the house but kept on going the other way past it for the full 30 mins 😇 x

I admire your grit. When you do all the jogs it's going to feel so sweet.

Thanks and yes it is 😊. Can’t wait to do that post!! Xx

Well done🥳You should be quite chuffed. Even going out when you have the I cant do it hat on is a challenge itself (I battle this often)

Keep at it xx

Dairyfarmgirl profile image
Dairyfarmgirl in reply to Cazrun

Thank you 😊 and you’re right, it is a battle with myself! X

AH21MM profile image

Yes you will do this! You are clearly determined and by posting your thoughts and achievements (which you may think are small but they are huge!) you will get enormous support and encouragement from this forum. Very well done so far, keep going, we are all with you!!! x

Dairyfarmgirl profile image
Dairyfarmgirl in reply to AH21MM

Thanks very much for the encouragement. X

JetsNanna profile image

Well done for trying and HUGE kudos for the determination to continue that you’re expressing. You’ll get there, I know it!

daycartes profile image

My wife had never run in her life and managed it. I was really pleased for her. I’ve graduated twice and will do so again later this year when they get rid of those bloody cows on my running track. Good luck. we all know just what an excellent app this is. None of us thought that we could do it but we proved ourselves wrong.

Thanks 😊 and it is a brilliant app.

Haha, I live on a dairy farm so just barge past the cows when they are on my track but they are calfing at the moment so be extra careful!

I was overweight when I started too, and am over 60. A year on I have lost weight but still not completed c25k as have had several breaks for knee pain and hip pain along the way. Looking up stuff about Japanese slow jogging really helped me to appreciate how slowly it is okay to go. I have never believed I can be a runner and still struggle with that but I’ve started enjoying what I do do and that is progress so keep going

Thanks for that and sorry to hear of your injuries.

I know what you mean, I too looked up Japanese slow running as to me running was moving really fast and all I saw was skinny ladies in perfect Lycra outfits looking amazing with swishy ponytails all dashing along. I actually think my jog is slower than my walk but my head is now up and both feet are simultaneously off the ground so it’s definitely a jog 🤩 x

newbie-nick profile image

Firstly, welcome to the big world of running, and to what is probably the friendliest forum anywhere! I am so pleased that you have started C25K, and yes, it can be a tricky scamp at times, but we have all been where you are, and we have all had wobbles and struggles along the way.The simple mantra of slow and steady is so apt. It really is impossible to run too slowly, and there are no prizes for rushing. Also, the name C25K is a little inaccurate as the real goal is to be running for 30 mins, and not for 5K. I believe that only about 10-15% of graduates actually manage the 5K at W9R3, and that really doesn't matter one jot. Being out there doing it is what really counts. As others will have said, run at a pace where you can/could hold a conversation - if you can't, then slow down. You can, after all, run on the spot!

Stay safe, run S L O W L Y and whatever you do, do keep us informed as to how you are getting on. We really are interested and will always offer any support and answer any questions you have.

One last thing, a lady on here posted that she had graduated after I think it was 29 weeks. So there really is no rush.

Benben21 profile image

Okay: here's my story. Exactly one year ago, I was 20 stone - so probably more than twice the weight I should be. I'm nearly 70 and I've been overweight all my life. Then I looked at my dog.

About eight months before, I took her to the vet for her usual checkup to get a new prescription. She has arthritis because of congenital skeletal problems so keeping her fit is a constant juggle between exercise and rest. The vet looked at her and said "she could lose a couple of kilos". Now I should add that she's a very lanky Labradoodle and to most people, even then, she looked a good weight and considerably fitter than most of the dogs we see in the park. But with some help from a vet nurse I did the measurements and over the next four months took her weight down by 2.5kg (about 10% of her bodyweight). On the next visit to the vet for a meds review, he said "she's perfect, and she doesn't need any painkillers any longer". I can't tell you what an impression that made on me.

I don't have arthritis, remarkably. But the weight was disabling me, and she'd made me realise that. So last August I invested in a set of electronic scales and a Fitbit. I thought about how much extra I was consuming and made some changes - not huge ones, but enough.

I've lost over five stone, or 30kgs or 70lbs. I'm nowhere near finished yet, and as I got fitter I realised that just walking the dog, particularly walking a dog whose exercise limits are very finite, wasn't enough to change what the Fitbit was reporting in terms of fitness. I remember being so terrified about opening the cardio fitness report on the Fitbit that it took three weeks before I could persuade myself to do it! To my surprise, I was classified as "good to very good for my age" (that is down to walking the dog for a couple of hours a day, I'm quite sure).

I started C25K to see whether I could. I was honestly doubtful: the most I'd run for was a bus and that was rare! I told myself it didn't matter if it was a ridiculous fantasy because no-one would know. The first couple of weeks I found places I could jog out of sight - in the park when there was no-one around, or on little used paths nearby. I thought I looked ridiculous and people would laugh.

Tomorrow I'll start on Week 7. I did the 25min run two days ago. Fitbit tells me that my cardio rating is now "excellent". I can walk up the ridiculous hills in my town without stopping - hills that I would avoid like the plague and would often get in the car rather than walk up them. I'm still easily four stone overweight, and that's a work in progress, so each of these small wins is huge for me. I remember the first time a "proper runner" waved to me as I slogged round the park: I thought "Wow, this person thinks I'm another runner!".

So why have I told you this? Because I know exactly how you feel, I really do. It sounds to me as if you're punishing yourself for failing, but you're not failing: you've started on a journey which is just as much a mental test as anything else. Accept what you can do and don't beat yourself up, and keep going. It will come. Keep going!

My inspiration! (A black dog with a goofy grin looks at the camera)
Tigger1306 profile image
Tigger1306 in reply to Benben21

You're definitely an inspiration. Absolutely gorgeous dog 😍I too am in a rut of not finding walking my dog enough exercise, but I also don't have the motivation (at the moment) to go out on my own but am also too slow to go out with anyone else so stuck in that vicious circle.

I will get out there (AGAIN) 😱

Tigger1306 the motivation will suddenly come to you as it did me. A near neighbour is also doing C25K but I’ve seen her running past me so no way could I join her.

I think it’s good going out on your own, you have no pressure on you and I talk to myself along the way. Mainly to know I still can talk 🤣

Keep the faith and everything else will come, I’m barely moving I’m so slow but I’m out there, that’s the hardest bit.

We’re all with you 😊 xx

You are brill and thanks for sharing. This is my dog’s preferred location. For a Dalmatian she hates going out as she is scared of everything but the sofa!! That’s why I go out without her, she’d want to go home after 10 minutes. Mind you so do i 🤣 x

My houndette

It may seem impossible at moment but believe me stick with it and you will soon notice the difference

Morning, Dairyfarmgirl - good onya for keeping going, girl. I seem to be stuck in W5R3, but I don’t mind as that’s already a PB for me! You know what we runners say - keep on running!!

Rain_runner profile image

Well done, it’s not easy but the feelings you get when you hit the little milestones are amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Mrsrun profile image

I am sitting here reading this laughing ... So many of us appear to be running in places where we will not be seen!.. I wonder how many of those people we think are experienced good runners are blagging it when they run pass us and then collapse on the floor fighting for breathe ?..

Irish-John profile image

Yes.I firmly believe that if you actually survive Day One, and your Physician doesn't advise you not to go on...you definitely can reach 5k. Maybe not in 30 minutes - only about ten percent manage that - but definitely attainable.

Read the begginer posts of Graduates - some, including my own, make it sound like "Stranger than Fiction" we ever made it even half way through :)

As a friend of mine once said however "Fiction has rules, reality is oft batcrap insane" :)

Take it dlow, steady and keep it enjoyable on at least SOME level and you too will see 'Graduate"beside your name :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

Many thanks 😊

Good on you, don’t lose heart, I’m doing the same as you, and I will probably be on week one until way past Xmas, I’m not even jogging yet, I’m up to walking and then walking faster on the jog bits, I’ve just managed w1 r1 and boy was it hard.

Just grit your teeth and look for the smallest of improvements, ignore any set backs (they will happen) and don’t push to hard and injure yourself. Will be looking forwards to your posts.👏

Good for you, looking forward to your updates too 😊 not needing a sit down after 20 mins was a great achievement for me 😁

Wow, you have 38 replies. Everyone is with you and everyone agrees you will get there.... and I am no. 39


Thanks. Some of the replies are my own though so not that popular 🤣 x

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Hi Dairy farm girl. I think you're doing great. Most of us struggle a bit, but its like making any change.... Hard. Thing is you've taken the first step. The programme is brilliant and I'm sure you'll get there step by step until you become addicted. Keep posting and running.John

Pink4eva profile image

Hi Dairyfarmgirl @ well done for getting out there and starting the programme. I started in February, the most I could run for was 1 burst of 45 secs, actually more like a slog than a burst. I hadn’t ran for 30 yrs plus, and have had both hips replaced. I am 58 and have 2st to loose. It took me ages to get to finish WK2, that was in April when the gyms opened again. I then started running on a treadmill. I graduated about a month ago, so if I can do it anyone can. Like fellow runners have said, keep going at your own pace, it’s hard but achievable. Good luck😊

Yes yes yes. It’s quite often hard particularly, in the beginning, but keep going and enjoy your sense of achievement.

Instructor57 profile image

Just read your post !Are you doing the pre run exercises here


And the post run stretches here


Not sure how many of the runs/jogs out of the 8 you are managing to do ?

Have you tried doing 1 or 2 more each time but try and stick to the 1 minute ?

If this is still a big problem are your runs/jogs as slow as this video ?


If they are and you are still struggling then just try to get to the stage of doing a brisk walk for 30 minutes then try week 1 again .

As already stated , you are starting from wherever your fitness level is at the moment so don't be too hard on yourself because you are trying to improve and it will take time .

I started at age 63 and had never run before in my life 14 or 15 months on I can now run 14k

When I started I found week 1 tough and probably couldn't run for a buss if I had to !

Stick with it , you will get all the help and support from this forum , just keep going and posting about your sessions.

Good luck

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