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Wk3 run1 what a hard one

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Just done wk3 run1 what a killer that was & a big step up from wk2.

Just about managed it & not looking forward to Thursdays run now.

Positive thoughts though.

Xxx. Xxx. Xxx

Done wk3 run2 actually enjoyed it.

I made my jogs slower like the posts says & found it made a massive difference to the jog..

Have run 3 this eve so let's see how I get on later

10 Replies
Jalapenolover101 profile image

Well done, it might have been hard but you did it 👍 Dont dread Thursday, be proud of today 😊

Shazamie profile image

It may have been a killer but you completed it - well done 🙂 Keep the positivity going and you’ll be fine on Thursday. Keep us posted 🙂

Slowcoach_65 profile image

I've just done the same run tonight. The first full 3 min run was hard going. It'll be interesting to see how we feel at the end of the week!

Good luck and keep it up

Sharon090282 profile image
Sharon090282 in reply to Slowcoach_65

Yes the 3min part was hard

I will however keep at it.

Good luck for wk3 run2

Mashedpotato profile image

Snap! Honestly after my first run for week three I thought that this was over and it was too difficult.

Now I’ve had a days rest and time to recover I feel more positive. I’ve got my second run for week three tomorrow and I’m feeling more positive

Keep it up and we can get through week three together

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Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Mashedpotato

Go Mashedpotato! that’s exactly what rest days are for! You can do it! We will be here to cheer you on!! Keep going! ❤️

Mashedpotato profile image
Mashedpotato in reply to Fabulous450

Thank you 😍 got my final run of week three today. Feeling excited to complete another week but a bit nervous for the step up for week 4

Sharon090282 profile image

Even though its difficult as long as we are committed we can do it..

I've got swimming tonight so looking forward to a change of exercise..

Good luck for run 2 today. Let me know how it goes. X

Fabulous450 profile image

Hi Sharon

You’ll probably find it’s stood you in very good stead for W4! You’ll do it and you’ll be great! Well done! ❤️

Jogettejo profile image

Well done! Good to see your second go felt easier for you. 👏🏼

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