Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 1 - Success! - I think :P

Hey everyone!

I asked a question on here last week (thanks again for all the answers!) about whether I should progress to Week 2 when I did the walks in week 1 but they weren't brisk, and decided to go for it. I bared the posts in mind and possibly stretched the definition of "light jog"! :P However, I finished all the runs and it still got me out of breath and sweating, so I think I'm OK. I think if I'd have kept the pace of my jogs in week 1, I wouldn't have been able to finish. I'm really not sure how light these jogs are supposed to be.

Again though, these walks I'm doing aren't brisk! I think it's a mix of being too tired to do them briskly and that in the past, brisk walks have put a strain on my calves so I'm wary this would affect the rest of my run. What do you guys think? Will this hinder my progression?

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I never felt my walks were particularly brisk - nothing like the fast walking pace I might have when I have not been running. So I wouldn't worry about it. I still managed to get through the programme in 9 weeks and then progress beyond. (I think I wasn't sure previously whether you had been walking at all in between the runs or actually stopped altogether). Just make sure you keep moving and maybe the walks will become brisker as you go along.


I didn't think of it like that regarding the last bit. Thanks!


I think you have to do the programme but listen to your body too...and it will get better as you progress....


My walks are never brisk - it won't hinder you at all. Walking too fast bugs my calves as well. And as for the running bits? During the program jog as slow as you can go. If you have extra gas in the tank for the last run set you can pick up the pace.


As long as you take short strides and walk as 'briskly' as you are able, then you're doing okay.

My natural walking pace is very brisk (roughly average 10min/km) but even now, I can't walk at that pace for some time after I finish a run!

The running phase should be slow and steady. If you find yourself struggling, slow it right down. There is no such speed as 'too slow' in the C25K but there is 'too fast'!

Don't overthink it. Just do the best you can - no-one's keeping tabs or marking you out of 10! Enjoy!


My walks, especially at the end of the runs, are never fast! I just feel that as long as I am moving then it is ok, after all it is a warm down isn't it.


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