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Week 6 R 1 & 2

Both of these runs were hard this week R1 Sunday and R2 this evening. legs felt like jelly, achy and did not want to move and I believed that I would be unable to complete, even though I have been telling myself that I could and have done these times and more last week. This is really mind over matter my body can and did do these runs/sessions, even though my mind was telling me "no you cant go on", I am still gobsmacked that I can do this and I know it is right as I was the 1 who did it/I WAS THERE.

The funny thing is before the run I was eager to go!!!!!!!!!!!

My goals are in sight if I continue to play it safe/be safe and take it slow/snails pace.

What are my goals I hear you ask

1) run/jog for 30 minutes

2) I fancy a nice jog/run along a beach setting so I have mapped out a nice little route for Ibiza for the beginning of October

3) to do 5k

Glen :) :) :)

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You will achieve your goals Glen :D

Those voices are always looking for a reason to knock us back but you beat them :) keep going as you are you will do just fine

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Many thanks, once again I am looking forward to going out tomorrow evening and I am certainly going to give it a good try. :)


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You have no physical pain, so yes it's those pesky little gremlins, which can be tough, just go through them. The legs feeling like jelly...when you finish your run don't stop suddenly, just slow down very gradually to a brisk walk, it should take the jelly legs feeling off, and the aching, make sure you stretch well after your run.. and maybe slow down.. Keep it there your doing fine..๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I am currently stretching on the nights that I don't run with S & F, maybe its time to complete these after I run now. I try to run very slowly (snails pace) as I cant run fast, though I must admit I have tried to slow runs down on a number of occasions. O well I will keep trying.

Glen :)


Oooh jogging in - Ibiza, lovely. I stayed in a beautiful little village in Northern Ibiza several years back and was one of my best holidays :-)

You are definitely going to achieve those goals. Some runs are better than others. When the going gets tough slow right down. Best of luck. X


O yes I am really looking forward to Ibiza, have route (short & flat I hope) to harbour in San Antonio mapped out, will take podcast with me as that will be the 3rd run of week 9 FINGERS CROSSED or it may still be parts of week 8 or 7 anyways going to give it a go and yes I plan to go extremely slowly.

:) Glen :)


I had that same intention at w7 when I went to Lanzarote, tried running there, but was to hot for me, had to give it up for the week, got back into it easy enough when I got back home..

Best time probably to run is early morning....๐Ÿ˜…


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