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which sports bra??

when I started this I bought a couple of cheap sports bras from asda (last year) & they have now discontinued them. I have shopped & shopped & although the shock absorber ones are brilliant I struggle to get them on & off over my head & the ones that arent racer back dont seem to do the job.

I bought a "moving comfort" one yesterday. set me back £37 but it is money well spent. doesnt dig in & leave you bulging out over the top & absolutely no movement where there shouldnt be :) I believe this is a new brand from the US & could only find them online in a couple of places, but managed to get mine from the running outlet in canterbury.

just wondered if I was the only one having problems getting a decent bra. Im not big busted so find it difficult finding the correct size & there doesnt seem to be the choice that boobie girls have.

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I've been struggling with this issue this week (and am a boobie girl) ! have tried on so many Y ended up with something from M&S on a temporary basis! Better than what I had before. Thought about getting a fitting the other week in a sports shop (when i'd checked online they said they'd offer this service) but as could see no female assistants gave it a miss. with my old one i'd do a complete workout just getting it on :)

can you recommend the website /store you got yours from. Canterbury isn't that far from me



The running outlet

54 palace street


if you can find the cathedral entrance go left & road goes round the bend to the right & shop is just a little way along on your right. shop is tiny but staff really helpful. they also do the treadmill analysis in there but I think I read thats £15 unless you buy trainers from them.

good luck X


I bought an M&S sports bra to try and it was so good I've bought 2 more! There's also a website I found called I didn't get one from there as I like to try them first but the name did give me a giggle :)


I bought quite a pricey one from debenhams a few years ago which is really good but because i've put on weight it's a bit tight at the back now. I might get one from m&s, usually find their bras are decent. Which one did you get Minuette?


I got this bra in purple:

It's really comfy and does the job, plus you can cross the straps over if you want to depending on what sort of top you're wearing. Very pleased with them.



that's the one i've got at the moment...was desperate for a new one so had to order a variety of sizes (local store doesn't stock them). Seemed ok, but have only used it once. Not sure it's for ever! Will have to try a few others


only one answer to this: Shock Absorber "RUN" bra. Its astonishing the facts about the amount of movement and the tearing of the supportive muscle that goes with invest in this bra for the future of you figure...


I'm in need of a new sports bra (or rather a couple of them so that I have a wash and a wear). I'm not lacking in that department and at the moment I end up wearing my own bra underneath my sports bra - partly because my current bra has lost some support - but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't need to do this - right?


I also went for M&S extra high impact sports mainly because I wasn't keen on paying they price of the shock absorber ones!

The only thing I dislike about it is the under wire, I get red friction marks on long runs under my arms, but there is ZERO bounce and I am 38DD and the extra cushioning on the straps make them extra comfy.


Hiya- I'm a bra fitter so hopefully I can help answer this for you girls!

With sports bras, you do 'get what you pay for' to some extent- the Shock Absorber ones are the best in my opinion.

However, you can get some good ones in Debenhams/M&S and the like that are own brand. Debenhams 'Gorgeous' ones are excellent!

The MOST important thing with sports bras is that they fit properly! You should try it on the loosest setting on the back, and it should feel firm (not tight) all the way round- like you couldn't have it tighter on the back without it being uncomfortable.

Rachmac- You shouldn't have enough room in a well-fitting sports bra to wear your own bra underneath! I'd recommend investing in a new one when you can :)

The best advice I can give to you all is to go and get fitted. It's free in all department stores, and they'll be able to help you get the best fit.

A good bra fitter should:

- Never ask you to take your bra off- they will measure over the top or just tell from looking

- Ask you to try a selection of bras/sports bras on, and then ask you if they can have a look to see if it fits

- Never make you feel uncomfortable

- Never pressure you into buying something

Please, please all go and get fitted for sports bras and let me know how you get on! It'll make a big difference, I promise you!

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wow, what a comprehensive post from our resident bra fitter! I'm always banging on to anyone who'll listen about women getting the correct size bra and getting fitted by a it's good to hear from you! Great advice, thank you. :)


play dot com are selling the Shock Absorber Max for £24.99. I love the look of the M&S bra too though. :)


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