recommendations if possible - sports bra!

Hello all - or at least, those who know about sports bras...

I'm a 30D (at trusty M&S), and am 4' 7". Can someone help me find that perfect, supportive partner?

I've got a Freya for which the straps are a bit too long, and an Adidas which is good but I'm not a fan of the pull-over-head-and-get-stuck style. It also doesn't have boob separation, so I feel sweatier.

So I think my wants are:

30D (or 28ish) - I definitely want proper sizing

A racer back option (which alleviates the too-long strap issue), fully back - or front - opening

Some boob separation (the only M&S one in my size failed on that)

My eye is on the Freya Sonic but I'm wondering if I've missed any others to check out. I will go to shops to try, but the array of possibilities is a still bit much, so narrowing down first would be great. I've got a Shock Absorber that fits the criteria but it's a lower level of support, so for yoga, not running. I like the idea of the cotton ones from Royce, but they all seem to be crop top and not even any strap adjustment. Oh and ... cheap would be nice :( !

Any suggestions welcome!

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34 Replies

  • I got mine from M&S - extra high impact and it zips at the front. I've just had a quick look on their website and it isn't listed anymore sadly, but there are similar ones. When I first went shopping for a sports bra I tried on loads in one day and literally jumped up and down for ages in each one to determine which was best.

  • M&S is my go-to but there's only a couple in a 30 band, and the Angel range are the wrong shape (since they're suited to someone who is developing - I bought one by accident once). I love the look of the type you're talking about, they look secure! I'll maybe ask them if they plan to do more sizes.


    This fits just fiddly hooks and eyes or zips... I find the support is very good..I am 36 C

  • I have shock absorber "ultimate run". Expensive, but once you get the size right can pick up cheaper on eBay. Now I have got the hang of it, easy enough to put on and take off.

  • Shock absorber do specific running bras - and one with a racer back. Not as cheap as M&S but personally I think much better.

  • Shock absorber 'D+ Max sports bra' sold at Bravissimo - I swear by it, being quite large it's the only bra I've managed to find that can keep me still. Bravissimo fitting and employee knowledge/customer service is 2nd to none, head and shoulders above John Lewis and M&S, I'll never go back, they are amazing!!

  • I agree with the fitting and knowledge in bravissimo, it's fantastic!

    I recommend shock absorber too, but get measured as you tend to go up a back size and I was told zip front ones are not recommended for running, managed to pick mine up on reasonably priced tho, & you get a free packet of Haribo😀😀

  • Yeah I am a bravissimo girl, they are fab!!

  • I got some in primark which were cheap and decent!

  • I got a really good one from Primark

  • I'm a shock absorber (ultimate run bra) girl too, as Runningraspberrydiva says, Wiggle is worth a look, they were half price - last seasons colours - I don't care what colour they are, in fact I like a bit of bright, got coral and I got two! 😂

    I did a search in my size and Wiggle came up trumps


  • If you're in the South East, Leia are a great shop; really good fitters and great range. I wear Freya Active stuff as I am a 32HH and there isn't a lot out there for the likes of me. I don't find shock absorber supportive enough and M&S is sadly a bit of a joke in my size! Agree that front zips are really awful and that run backs are essential. Have you tried a booband? Might be a cheap alternative....

  • I have an under armour one . Racer back fastens with zip up the front and comes in bra sizes not just s m or l. Really comfortable and supportive .

  • Just got racing back one in asda and it a great fit and only £8. Also have two shock absorber zip front from m&s bought recently and they are really good too

  • I got an ultra high impact one from M & S after having reconstruction work following mastectomy and lumpectomy. It zips up the front and kept everything from moving, which was great as I was other wise in a a lot of pain. And I couldn't cope with one you pull over your head as after the surgery I was unable to raise my arm up at all.But I'm only a C. Hope you find a good solution. 👙

  • I agree about Bravissimo. They're fab.

  • Thank you everyone! I shall venture into Bravissimo if I can, Leia might be a bit far but their online outlet prices are good! Never thought of Under Armour so will check out (though their proper bra sizes, as with many, are only 32 upwards?). Never heard of the booband - that looks interesting! Seems most votes are for Shock Absorbers (and I did search the forum first, and I like the one I have for yoga), so I'll check their range out, and the Freya and others too. I might have been too dismissive of the over-the-head type, my one is just quite difficult but I'm sure they aren't all like that. Cheers again, I like a bit of bra chat, it's just all the shopping and faff I don't like!

  • Yet another vote here for the shock absorber ultimate run bra. Absolutely fantastic once you learn how to get it on and off :D I bought mine from wiggle at a reasonable price. I did try the M&S front zip ones, but sent them back as the shock absorber is much firmer and suffers far less from the mono-boob effect.

  • Oh Lordy yes! Can't stand getting all hot and bothered trying to get in and out of the damn things......😂...I have to be in a special (and calm) frame of mind to go bra shopping! ...I can't do an over the head one, that's just too much of a work out - even before you've started!

    I did get a good running one from Tesco, but they don't seem to do the heavy duty strapped in as though your life depends on it......😄anymore....☹️


  • I can get my over the head one on, but getting it off is incredibly hard! I have to admit half the reason I bought it is because I sweated all over it trying to take it off after trying it on >_< !! Can't fault it for security though, and I have to admit it looks good though that wasn't a priority.

  • I'm a 30D too and struggle to find sports bras as most ranges start at 32 although I can get away with a 32 sometimes. But I've searched far and wide! M&S used to be my "go to" place but they changed their styles/ranges a while back and didn't give me what I needed.

    I have two Panache bras which are brilliant. They are really comfortable, fit perfectly, don't budge, no chaffing, wash well, keep their shape and they look nice too 🙂 They also have a racer back option.

    I got mine in a sale for half price but they are so good I would pay full price for them if I had to.

    I've also got a shock absorber which is fairly new but I've tested it once and it seems good.

    Always choose high impact when you're buying bras for running. Nothing else will give the same support 🙂

  • oooh. Thank you! Panache on the list, there's high praise. And yes, high impact for running for sure! I just never wore a sports bra for anything and decided that yoga might merit one too, but one I can wear to work as well, and my level 3 Shock Absorber is great for that.

  • I wear mine for Pilates, in the gym and even gardening as they are so comfortable!

  • Another vote for Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra, there is some separation and it's the best I've tried, and I've tried a few! I'm a 38D. There's some on ebay for £9.99 but the smallest is 32D for that listing:

  • aah thanks, I am keeping an eye on ebay, but I know full well I ought to try a few more on first!

  • I'm with M&S always, have tried a bunch of brands and theirs are the only ones that really hold everything in place (I'm a 30/32E). I go for as high impact as I can find and do lots of jumping jacks in the changing room! Have also found going down a cup size or two helps me feel more secure ☺️ Good luck ☺️

  • All my regular bras are M&S, I was sad to find I didn't like the sports one in my size (monoboob). I am lost now I have to venture somewhere else for this!

  • My vote goes to Anita DynamiXstar Control (model 5537). Not the easiest to get into, although you can make it easier by undoing the straps as well as the back, but it's the only one that keeps me under control. I lost a large amount of weight and without wanting to give you TMI, I'm very loose so I need to be held very tight - this one does it really well. Not the cheapest but worth every penny to me! Or nearly as good is Anita Maximum Support Extreme Control (5527) which you might be able to pick up for slightly less. Good luck!

  • Oh wow, they look amazing but yes with a price tag that surely reflects that...! Maybe one day or if none of the others cut it. Thanks :)

  • Quick whinge - am definitely a 28 back, as the wonderful ladies in Bravissimo pointed out, I shouldn't be starting on the smallest hook as I have been so my assumption of 30 was a bit wrong. Means my choice is even smaller! I tried the Panache that they had but somehow I didn't feel as supported as I hoped I would - but by that point I might have been a bit too fed up to adjust them as small as I need. I'm just so short, but for most clothes+bras it's not usually so problematic! Will order some from the interwebs as most shops just don't stock that many 28s, so I didn't get to try much that actually fitted.

  • Freya Sonic in Debenhams goes down to a 28 back! Obviously I don't know all your preferences, but that was a major reason why I went for that style (I'm normally *just* into a 30, and with an F it gets tricky...)

  • Late to the party but I wear the Freya Sonic spacer and I love it! Admittedly at 30F, not having tons of cash and being very fussy* limited my choice, but it definitely stops the bouncing.

    Two points to note re the Freya: try on the next size up in your 'sister size' as well as your actual size, and if you're buying from Debenhams it's actually light blue with bright pink detailing, not the sort of earwax-y yellow the picture shows

    *I hate the bras that zip up at the front because no run should start with wrestling your own flesh, in my opinion. I also don't believe that getting undressed should be more challenging than the exercise itself, which is why I won't wear over-the-head styles.

  • Hello! Thanks for the reply :) I can update you by saying that since this thread I have bought *so many* sports bras, and my latest and current favourite is exactly the Freya Sonic you describe in the blue with pink bits. It's hard to find my size in stock in the shops so I've kept an eye on ebay and have amassed a collection of bra-gains!

    I also bought two handy accessories - the Strap Saver, for shortening straps, and the Rixie Clip, for shortening the band. I wondered if they might be of interest!

  • Shock Absorber - John Lewis had 20% off the line yesterday

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