Sports bra & running with the dog!!


I'm progressing well with the programme. W5R2 tomorrow.

Anyway, I really need to get a new sports bra. I am quite well endowed that area. 36f to be exact!! At the moment I'm wearing a Shock Absorber compression type bra. I have been trying to find something that is more 'bra' like and colourful (so I don't have to cover it up all the time!), but I'm not having much luck. If anyone has any recommendations that would be great.

Also I've been thinking about running with my dog, but not quite sure how I would do this? She can be a bit 'stoppy/starty' if you know what I mean? If there's anyone out there who does run with their dog maybe you could give me some help?

Many thanks.


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27 Replies

  • Don't know about running with a dog but loads of people on here do, so you're bound to get some good advice. As for sports bras, you could have a look at the M&S website. They have several which cater for the 'generously' endowed lady. Mine has lasted really well. Not sure I'd wear it without a T-shirt though, but they may have added new styles since I bought mine. Good luck :)

  • Can't help on th bra front, but re the dog, get yourself a canicross lead - it clips onto a padded belt, leaving your hands free, and stopping you being unbalanced, and has a osrt of expandable bungee-like section, so that if the dog suddenly accelerates, or stops and you have to tug her along, there is no sudden jerk that pulls you over.

    Takes a few goes for dog and yourself to get used to it, but once you have both adapted to it, it is great.

  • I'm thinking the same. It seems such a shame to leave my dog at home while I'm out exercising in the fresh air but I took her with me on the first 2 runs in the program (on the lead) and she was a bit of a pain, kept wanting to stop and sniff things! So since then I've left her at home. I want to get the program completed properly without interruption. I was thinking about it this morning and have decided that once I've completed the program (in 3 weeks) I'll start taking her out running with me, but only in places where I can let her off the lead so she can stop and sniff things and then run to catch up with me! I'll probably start with smaller runs to build her fitness up, not sure she could run 30 minutes non-stop at the moment!

  • I also didn't want to have to stop and pick up poop, as I really wanted to stick to the exact running times of the podcast, so I decided once the program is complete, I can take her out with me and it doesn't matter so much then if I need to stop to wait for her or do the dog-owner duties :)

    The lead Rignold suggested sounds really good..

  • Good point! At Parkrun on Saturday our 35 minute pacer had his dog with him and had to make a couple of poo stops, so then had to speed up a bit to make up lost time :)

  • You have a 35 minute pacer??? This is either a super well organised Parkrun or you've got some child running for pocket money. Which is it?

  • Saturday was the last run before they have to change the route so they had a 'Pacer Week' with pacers for lots of times down to 35 mins.

  • That sounds like a brilliant idea. I wonder if any other Parkrun has tried it?

  • I have run with my dog from the very start , she's getting a bit old now and when I Did long and slow 10 k yesterday , the dog looked more wrecked than me... I'm lucky I don't need to have her on lead most of the time, just the bits on main roads and my arms are getting longer ;) will check the canicross!

    Is your dog big or small? A medium large dog will love running, not sure about small ones

    Maybe try training her to walk at your pace first, and respond to "heel" and 'go ?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. She's small, a Jack Russell. I would have to have her on the lead, as she doesn't have much road sense!! Maybe I need to look at the canicross? Trouble is she very small. Once I can run for 30 minutes I'll have to try? Maybe with a lead first?

  • Cant help re the dog but have you tried Bravissimo for the sports bra? Mine is also a shockabsorber from there. Ok its black but could be worn as a croptop I reckon. The other place might be figleaves? For us well endowed ladies its an absolute must!! 😄

  • Bra recommendation is the Anita Active Extreme Control Bra, they are not cheap but so comfortable and they last for much longer than other sports bras. There is one version on offer at figleaves at the moment.

  • If you are happy with Shock Absorber bras then they occasionally do some funky colour ones (typically in the run model). I have a purple one; I haven't worn it by itself yet but I have happily worn it under a loose fitting vest top that showed off chunks of it!

  • My big dog and I did couch to 5k together until week 5 run 3. That's when I discovered he's more of an intervals fellow. So I finished the program without him. Post graduation I have runs with him again, at whatever intervals suit both of us. I always have him on a lead that clips around the waist which is pretty short - it has no bungee section so sometimes one of us gets pulled along (great up hills). Also watch carrying those doggy bags. I found I had an iron grip on them which bothered my shoulders.

  • All my sport bras are M&S. I'm a very covered up sort of runner but several of mine seem fit to show off with strong colours and trims.

    I've never run *without* my dog.

    I often find that the 5 minute warm up walk is pretty 'productive' but I run on the spot if I do need to pick up. Running with a dog does mean taking more kit but I am not a light traveller anyway. I find a Dicky Bag or Muksak very useful. And having the dog whistle is probably of wider use should I ever find myself in difficulties.

    I think you'll find that a JRT has more than enough oomph for the purpose of c25K and a long way beyond - these little terriers are like those battery bunnies and, depending on quite how determined they are to chase real bunnies, in many ways a better bet than bigger dogs whose joints are more prone to wearing out.

    I started on a canal tow path with the lead in my hand and the dog looking at me as though I was barmy (she was not wrong). I now have an elastic waist belt/lead combo if I am running where and when she needs to be on the lead. The lead has a swivel fitting and a bungee. Set ups for proper Cani-X are much more expensive and there's an element of training involved for the dog-assist - you *want* the dog to pull for Cani-X, so I've not gone there yet.

    I find that she does understand reasonably well when we are doing a run and when we are having a 'sniffage walk' on the lead, and the bungee and swivel prevent sudden swerves causing me a problem (she's a gundog breed and we run in prime wildlife areas - I do end up with a bit of dog-assist if there's a moorhen on the towpath for example) I found the book Total Recall had some helpful ideas for ensuring that I didn't too often repeat the experience of going for separate runs in the same wood (warm cocktail sausage wrapped in foil, doled out in unpredictable size portions is a key element)

    One thing to watch out for though is the impact of hard surfaces on your dog's pads. I don't run on roads/pavements at all, but I try not to run all the time on trail surfaces either. We are both very fond of a nice bog.

  • I can see using the muck sack, but the other thing is a step too far in my devotion to leaving traces of my dog. They can wee where they want in my opinion.

    Must take pretty swift responses on your part, too.

  • Haha - the Dicky Bag is a daft product name (I think the idea is a play on icky) for something that does the same as the Muksak rather than, erm, what you are implying, and whilst it looks better and is better to carry on a run being soft and lightweight (fancy neoprene) it is not the brilliant pong container the Muksac is.

    I don't think dogs should be able to wee where they want and get quite cross when my spaniel bitch wees in our bed (as she occasionally does after a jolly good bog soaking on a run - it is as though she gets 'confused')

    I shall blame you Rignold if I have nightmares tonight about having to be nippy with some kind of canine She-wee!

  • It is for this very reason I am often seen running with a wine carafe.

    Dogs are dogs and beds are beds and ne'er the twain shall meet in Schloss Rignold. Dogs are what the Good Lord invented Chesterfilds for. Besides which, the cats would defend their territory ferociously.

  • Whereas I am typing this under a damp duvet cover liberally decorated with the results of this afternoon's woodland run. Ain't no fun if you don't bring home a bit of bramble on your tail for the bed.

  • I'll agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. But we digress... still no dogs in the bedroom.

  • @GoogleMe Total Recall is a great book! I use the 'turnaround' technique when I run in the forest because the track is not very long. By turning around and retracing steps my Springer as to keep an eye on me rather than running off into the forest! Sausages work as reward for staying close without a lead!

  • I got my bra from Asda It has a zip up the front and gives good coverage as well as keeping me all together. I am a 32G so I need some scaffolding to keep it under control.

    With regards to the dog I would also like to take my dog but an not sure how she would fair. I graduated a week ago and up to now have not taken her because of the stopping & starting whilst she sniffs but also she is a rescue dog and is scared of noises so you need to pull her along sometimes. I used to run along the road which I couldn't take her because she is scared of the traffic, now I run along the coastal path but she is scared of the Birds :).

  • I've got a lot up top (not brains unfortunately!) & I recommend Shock Absorber Active. I meant to order the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run but the Active is so good I kept it. Check out

  • Bravissimo is well worth a visit if you have one near you. I wouldn't buy anything but a shock absorber now. And I have a very bright pink one like a cropped top from that very shop!! Worth every penny even if they are more pricey.

  • Once I had found the bra that fitted and paid a lot of money from Bravissimo (mine is a Shock Absorber), I bought all the rest from eBay. The Bravissimo one cost £34.99 - the same model was £12.99 on eBay in a variety of funky colours. Worth a look.

  • Hi I have the same problem as a G cup :(

    I've never found a nice colourful sports bra yet but Freya are the best for stopping any bounce I've found. I take my spaniel with me when I run, I go to a nature park & let him run off lead beside me. Took him a couple of goes to get used to it but now he's fab x

  • If anyone is following this post, I am also well endowed and have wasted much money on so called sports bras - but my Enell sports bra makes me feel like Twiggy.

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