Everyone buy a proper sports bra NOW!!

I haven't blogged in a while, but just over a week ago I invested £30 in a proper Shock Absorber sports bra.

I'd been getting really tender breasts and almost felt like I'd pulled a muscle in them, but I knew full well it was because I was getting very little support while I was running.

So I made the jump, and oh my goodness I can't believe I waited until WEEK 8 to get one. (In all fairness I didn't even expect to get to week 8, so yayayayy!). The difference it makes to my running is huge, I feel so much more comfortable, confident, and pretty damn cool if I'm honest (well, I am now officially a runner :-D).

So basically I just need to tell everyone who hasn't got one - it may seem like a lot of money but it is beyond worth it, keep your breasts protected!

Week 9 starts for me tomorrow... over the moon!

Best wishes



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23 Replies

  • Totally agree! Don't have a shock absorber but once i'd upgraded my old faithful sports bra the difference was amazing. Next time I get one think it will be a shock abosrber as they get such fab write ups

  • I have a shock absorber "run" bra and my boobs don't budge. Not bad as I'm a DD. Highly recommended.

  • I totally agree with you about the sports bra. I have an M&S shock absorber and the difference is amazing compared to a normal bra. Makes running seem easy(er). I start W9 tomorrow too - good luck with your run!! :)

  • Thank you! Week 9 complete, can't believe it! Hope yours went/is going well! :)

  • I quite agree - I realised I had been economising on the wrong thing when I got my shock absorber. I didn't believe it could be so effective - but its amazing. I found a good deal on Amazon for mine so it wasn't so expensive. I'll just add to comments on Amazon that they fit very snugly under the cup so don't buy one too small. On the otherhand the cup itself seems the right size.

  • Well, I don't know if EVERYONE should get a sports bra. Just those who have boobs or moobs:-)

  • I also have a shock absorber bra and I wouldn't dream of running without it. Thinking I might have to invest in another one as it's in the wash nearly every day. Well worth the money.

  • Totally agree - when I was researching what I needed to start this programme I read somewhere that the only reason to not have a decent sports bra is that you're a man.

    I'd recommend panache sport (5021) if you are more curvy than most bras allow for (GG) it's stunning and has a little clip to make the straps hook together at the back - nothing moves at all.

  • Thank you! I'll look into this recommendation, probably won't hurt trying another style as well! :-D

  • When I did my first couple of runs I actually got beeped at by a bunch of workmen in a van. That was surely due to my saggy old sports bra that was clearly well past its use by date! Invested in a shock absorber bra, I have to almost climb into and I am so clamped down nothing stirs. No further van driver episodes and it does defintely make you feel more confident while running. Would definately recommend.

  • It would help if designers made sports bras you didn't have a workout just getting into. I love the one I got from M&S (I ordered loads to try) but looks like they are discontinuing it and they have already sold out of my size. It has straps that cross over at the back and then hook at the front.

  • Sports bra = good investment. I hate sports bras that you have to wiggle in and out of... and trying to get it off after a run burned more calories that the run itself! Finally bought one that hooks just like a regular bra and keeps me feeling snug. Perfect. Wouldn't leave the house for a run without it! Really does make all the difference in the world!

  • I am picking up my sports bra tomorrow, only starting week 3 but seeing as I appear to be getting serious, thought I should keep the 'FF's in check!!

    Great to know it does make a difference though... Thanks

  • Boobies don't have muscles - only ligaments. I.e. if you stretch them chances are you wont get them to go back perky again...ever...(there are muscles underneath that you could tone to make them sit higher).....permanent Saggy Boobs or a couple of quid on a decent sports bra...difficult!?

  • I couldn't run without my Shock Absorbers. ;) Made that mistake one day and boy did it hurt. They are darned difficult to put on though, and even harder to take off after a run, but the contortionism is worth it to be able to run. Always find them a bit hard on the shoulders though, so don't keep them on longer than I have to. Wish I could wear it all day.

  • I took your advice but they looked at me very funny in the shop. Can't think why. You did say "Everyone".

  • Hahahaha, my bad! I think I was just incredibly overexcited! I apologise for any confusion caused, although I'm sure you made the shop assistants' day! ;)

  • Glad it's made such a difference! I get claustrophobia when I put on and take off sports bras! Think I need an opening model!

    What model did you go for OldNed???

  • The Moob Special, but they were sold out.

  • Well said kayface (well us ladies anyhow, perhaps not OldNed), I have a Shock Absorber too (the name cracks me up even now) - I don't (ahem) have all that much to write home about but even for us less endowed girls joggers nipple is a real peril.... A support system is essential. :-)

  • I got a shock absorber one today from the running shop. Ha! What fun that was trying on different styles and sizes in the pokey wee fitting room!

    My first thought when looking was to try M&S, but they didn't have any! Well, they had precisely 10 in the reduced rack. Where was the usual whole wall of displays of 'all of the sizes in all of the styles'? I eventually found someone who explained they are changing the packaging and the sales items in the old packaging was all they had in store. And she didn't know when they'd be getting more in stock! So, at a time when people may be inspired by our Olympic athletes and take up a new sport or two, good old M&S is not prepared. Talk about bad timing.

  • I laughed when I saw this, thinking of our male correspondents in their shock absorbers going round parkrun circuits saying "I am a LAYDEE!"

    On a more serious note, couldnt agree more.

    In my case, I have always been a "big girl". Unfortunately I then became an obese "big girl." Struggled getting bras that fitted and were comfy for everyday wear nearly all my life (for most of my life.

    Following decades of trial and error, I have been wearing more or less the same style Shock absorber bra nearly every day for years, as they have always been totally comfortable and not at all difficult to put on!


    Now i have lost a lot of my excess weight I am able to find prettier bras that fit comfy too, thank goodness, but would never be without my SA bras - I tend to walk really fast as much as I can during the day, so much prefer to stick to a sports bra.

    I have started wearing the same bra only in one cup size smaller for running, it really really helps!

  • I know this is old blog but just wanted to revive it as there are a few new joiners - so if you haven't already got a sports bra get one! cheaper than a boob job.

    I can highly recommend (if I am allowed to) a bra called Enell ordered online - I am about a 34 F and this bra has reduced any bounce to nil when I am 'running' - I am very very impressed with it.

    Also make sure you follow the washing instructions for your sports bra (ie don't just stick it in the washing machine and tumble dryer) to prolong its life and help it do the very important job you employed it to do: to look after and maintain your assets

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