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Sports bra recommendations


Has anyone got sports bra recommendations for running. High street prices can’t afford lululemon lol

I do yoga, Pilates, boogie bounce as my main exercise normally. You’d think a sports bra good enough for bouncing would work for running but it must be a different type of movement as my boobs are def feeling like they need more support.

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You should read this... :)

ickleguiGraduate in reply to Jeani

and the follow-up 😂 (Jancanrun is a comedy genius)

I think most of us would recommend trying them on first ... once you work out what suits you though, there are bargains to be found. Good luck!

Jancanrun in reply to Jeani

Thanks for this and I’ve just twigged you are the Jeanie who donated to me for Alzheimer’s - Thanks so much

JeaniGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Yes- it's me -you are very welcome! I always enjoy your posts, and am in awe of your commitment to complete your challenge.

Jancanrun in reply to Jeani

I did credit you on my site too.... Travelling tomorrow back to Italy so at the end of the week the Italian madness will be relayed to you!

Thanks again jeanie


The best one I’ve found is the Panache sports bra (feels super supportive with minimal bounce), worth trying it before buying though x

I've also been a long term fan of Panache - much needed perfect extra support from crossing the straps over at the back - this year I went for non wired - there are quite a few in the sale on the Bravissimo website.

Also I'm a 32G cup and still very well supported. [though I found I had to go up a back size to 34G to get the right fit.


Shock absorber ultimate run bra, best for me, I have tried panache, and other brands, but prefer these. They’re not cheap, but once you know your size you can shop around, e,g wiggle often have good deals on line.

I’ve got three that I rotate to hopefully make them last a bit longer....

Hope you find something that suits.


Jen58 in reply to Madge50

Shock Absorber for me also , definitely couldn't run otherwise 34F 🙄

I so hoping to lose some sizeage off em 🙏🏻


I found mine (surprisingly) in M&S. Best advice I ever heard was to go for maximum support and jump up and down a few times when trying it on. There should be very little movement seen! If you're an 'ample' size then Bravissimo comes highly recommended. Good luck in your search!


Mine is from mountain warehouse, it was £20 but it was in a buy one get one free/half price (?I can't remember which) deal. I hadn't given it much thought if I'm honest but my boobs definitely don't bounce at all so it's obviously doing the job! If you happen to work for the NHS you get 20% off in there too.


I’ve got a Freya underwired sports bra which is brilliant on the treadmill but needs a little bit extra on the road. I also have a Bravissimo bra which is the same. I haven’t yet found one that stops the bounce completely so I wear one of those tight crop tops over the top and nothing moves at all!!! Effectively I’m wearing two bras I suppose. Takes an age to get off again though 🤣🤣

If you keep an eye on eBay there are often ends of lines and odd colours going cheaper on there.


I went to Bravissimo, they got me a Shock Absorber. No movement whatsoever!


Victoria’s Secret were doing their sports bras for £20 instead of the usual £48, and I find they are firm but comfy:-)

I got 2 from the Lidl fitness sale. £7 each and brilliant. No movement and adjustable 2 ways!!!!


Not sure which size you are ( forgive me if I'm speaking out of turn) but I find Bravissimo really good. They do have some stores but they r also online. I have a panache one I bought from them - it's very good.

I’m a 30d so I’m not huge. What I find is that the band isn’t tight enough then I’m all over the place. Thanks for the tips & the laugh. Should I try doing star jumps in the changing room?

JeaniGraduate in reply to Thriftyvickie


Thanks guys I’m now the proud owner of a shock absorber 😂😂 will let you know how I go with it

So I bought a Victoria’s Secret crop top & a shock absorber bra.

I think I prefer the crop top. The shock absorber bra allows no movement at all.

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