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W2 R1 🤢


Felt tired but thought no gotta do it.... Felt harder but tried to pace myself so as not to burn myself out. Didn't reckon on my dinner trying to escape 🤢 next time will make sure I give food plenty of time to digest 😯

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Everyday is a school day. We all learn what we can and can't do on this journey. I hope you're feeling better.

CI578 in reply to shuffleido

Yes thanks much better ☺️


Maybe have a banana next time, just so you don’t feel hungry, plus it’ll give you energy. Well done though for being determined, getting out there and getting it done 💪🏻🏃‍♀️

CI578 in reply to Couchphoenix

Cheers mate! Feel lot better now 😊

Ah yes the curse of food, when I ran years ago I have had that happen too. But you learned now, no food at least 1 to 2 hours before a run. Something small is ok, but not a whole meal.

But you did it! W2R1 felt harder for me too, today after work I am going for W2R2. I am curious as to how it will feel. Someone here told me about the toxic ten, that the first ten minutes feel the most hard and difficult because your body needs to adapt. In my last run I think indeed met this toxic ten. But keeping it in mind, I hope I will always be able to bite through them 😊

Happy running!

CI578 in reply to BlackScorpion

Yes I won't be doing that again! Good luck with your run 😊


We learn these things as we go along! Keep going, keep learning and you'll soon have that buzz of satisfaction for having done something you thought was unachievable

CI578 in reply to RamblingMe

Thank you 👍


Well done on starting week 2! :D I normally run first thing and just have a piece of fruit or something :) I know I’d definitely paint the pavement if I ran on a full stomach! 😂 Good luck for your next run! You got this! :)

CI578 in reply to HexGirl

Cheers! Lesson learned 👍


You’re doing fab!.... an hour after food might help 💕

CI578 in reply to Tinytears60

Lesson learned 😉

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