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My 4th run/walk today

Increasing to a minute and a half felt fine

I was consciously slower as I was worried about it a bit but kept going along fine

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Slow is really good as that is what will get you to the end of each run. Well done you 😊

Thanks Buddy

I think I’ve quickly become comfortable with going slowly

A misconception before this was that running was fast and got faster

I’m learning to enjoy and appreciate going for longer

Not necessarily faster or even further

It’s a strange feeling - I’m eating better sleeping better and getting more done. Still drinking but not as much.

Buddy34Graduate in reply to CastlingChris

I still need to tell myself to slow down all the time as I start getting out of breath then I go slow then it's fine. I think we learn all the time 😊


Great job. Whenever I run longer I go slower, that’s the best way to do it. First step up done... enjoy run 2

It’s amazing - I feel I have wasted so much of my life simply not knowing this.

Not much I can do about it except look forward.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to CastlingChris

Many happy running years ahead of you... no worries there.




Well done, sounds like it's going really well and slowing down is absolutely a good decision ... i had to check myself today a good few times, but it enabled me to get to the end without crashing. Feels great then.

So much good feeling comes from it. I spend time thinking about it- looking forward to the next. I hope I carry on feeling like this.

2Tired2RunGraduate in reply to CastlingChris

The endorphins .... that's my main motivation for this programme tbh having recently ditched the pills 😀

Can you feel the difference every time you run ?

2Tired2RunGraduate in reply to CastlingChris

Hi Chris, I think it's kicking in more readily the more I do. It certainly gives me hope that this switch to lifestyle 'medicine' might just work.

This is really positive. I think I can feel I am happier and struggling less with things overwhelming me- which would normally lead to drinking and junk eating.

It’s is encouraging that you notice a difference along the way.

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