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why, oh why is nothing hurting?


( ...yet?) on the day after my first run, which was a real struggle but went very well all things considered, nothing is really hurting. weird. this body moved more vigorously than it has in about 30 years (with a few exceptions) and my heart beat faster than it has in about the same time yet i am sitting here with my coffee (in my running shoes cos they are so comfortable i just don't want them off , ever, evahhhhhh!!!) waiting for the pain. 'don't wait for the pain, it'll come soon enough'... i hear my conscience cry. yeah, it's probably right. i am hyper aware of everything going on in my body right now, obviously. soon enough i bet i will be on here moaning about the pain, with the best of them! i still cannot imagine how i am going to do it all again tomorrow... wont i be more exhausted not less? thank you all for your support on here, i feel really blessed. i truly do and i am grateful to God for it. x

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maybe my brisk walk isn't brisk enough... i don't think i can do brisk then running... albeit slowly...i really mean it...i just don't think i can, after 5 minutes brisk walking i have to stop not continue then run!


No pains that's a massive + put the coffee down dying-to-channge get those stretches done whilst your muscles are warm and loose

R1W1 was yesterday and i did my stretches after ! you sound fun! :-)

Imc50Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

Cheers dying-to-change, I found the aches came randomly sometimes they didn't, other times it was just an ache through not stretching properly..... I've learnt, and definitely a lot of that has come from the HU users 👍 there's a lot of knowledge on here from all sorts of abilities, tap into that advice it'll see you running and enjoying it👍

it's a beautiful thought... i just can't imagine it being like that for me....but go for it, i will... i am pretty stubborn which i think will help... when i want something i want it...

Imc50Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

That's a cracking mindset 💪 I completed C25K and simply left the running on the shelf, then 2nd time around I've maintained that running enjoyment 🥳 it's my away space just me and my trainers and the outdoors 🙂

Well done DTC, if you could capture that feeling and bottle it for everyone the world would be a better place.😀👍

Some runs are easier than others, but you never know which ones. The trick is to remember the feeling after a great run while being aware you’ll have the opposite too and not worrying about it. There’s always something positive to take from a run, even if it was a struggle.🙂

Good luck with your next outing!


Obviously did a good job with the stretches yesterday 😁👍


Consider yourself blessed.

Just to warn you... your knees might start moaning a bit in week 2.

heeded :-)

ps. i haven't slept as well as last night in months... maybe a coincidence, but i am not sure it wasn't the running...


Just carry on doing what you’re doing! You’re not doing anything wrong because nothing is hurting. Take it the running slowly. Keep the walking brisk if you can. Keep doing the stretches. The programme will work its magic! 👍

I was so slow that my running wasn’t much faster than walking. That was true for most of the programme. It doesn’t matter, I still graduated! 😀

you're lovely. always something positive to say :-) thank you


Well done dying-to-change, glad to hear it all went well 👍

i am terrified for tomorrow. i might be the one who just cant make it .... wahhhhhhh! my pride would take a serious bash cos i want this so much. so so much.

CouchphoenixGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

Come on.....Going-to-change......there...I’ve renamed you 💪🏻 your going to do great, be positive 👍 Have a look at my previous posts.....there’s links on ‘Bed to 5k’ and ‘Jump Leads’ ones and ‘Something to get you out there’ to You Tube motivational videos I use to get in the right mindset, have a look 👀

absolutely will do, my friend x


Well with those lovely new trainers, you can only go to the end of the programme.

I am sleeping better now too. I did W6R2 (10 min run / 3 min walk/10 minute run) last night.

I slept like a log.

loving that.... loving people's motivational stories... determined to be one of you ....x

JetsNannaGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

You’re already one of us - all because you put on those trainers and got out there 😉


JetsNannaGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

It’s true - we’re all in this running lark together. The programme is magic but this forum - it’s inspirational and life affirming. I have never read a single negative comment on here just wall to wall support.

i must say, i am terribly impressed by it.

JetsNannaGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

You will find yourself more and more drawn to it whilst you are going through the program whether it is to ask questions, update us on your progress or to ask for advice and whatever reason you are on here for you will find it helpful.

well since i found it, on the 23rd, i have been reading it for hours at a time (amazing how you find time for things that grab you isn't it...)all sorts of info and posts and some great motivational videos too from members...


I’ve done this programme three times now (once pre-kids and once after each child. Each time I’ve struggled with the 60sec runs to start, and now I’m running 30-40 min regularly. I’m very overweight so certainly not a svelte runner, but a runner I am.

If I can do it, anyone can. Just keep going. Slow down if you need to, repeat weeks if you need to, but keep going! You got this!

oh i am nearly tearing up at the support and care on this forum. its the best ever isn't it?. right. tomorrow... i got it. i can and will do it x


You got this!

Love the shoes 👟 👟👌💕

It’s a magical little plan and before you know it your a runner 👏👏👏

Keep posting - can’t wait to hear how much you love your progress and how chuffed you will be as you tick the weeks off 😀

thank you for that lovely post to me :-)


I didn’t have many aches and pains until a fair way into the program and even then, resting always helped. Be happy that you have no aches and pains and thankful that your body is telling you that it’s good for Run 2.

For me Run 2 was always a mental challenge more than a physical one. So if you are anxious....just keep telling yourself - I’ve done it before so I can do it again.

Good Luck with Run 2 - you’ve got this! 😊

yes. it will be my mantra actually . 'i've done it before, so i can do it again.' makes sense right?x


It's not compulsory to have pain! Well done, keep it slow as you need! A few aches and pains are normal, but you have avoided them so far!

indeed. so far so good. you should have seen my face after W1R1, it was bright and shiny red, like a Christmas bauble!


Congratulations, you've done the hardest run of the programme just by getting out there.

Don't get stressed at the thought of your next run. Stress is a barrier to performance. I was 59 when I started the programme and I always took two rest days between runs. I figured that, as we get older, the body takes that bit longer to adapt. It took me a couple of weeks longer that everyone else to graduate, but I did it with no injuries at all. Slow and steady and you'll be running for 30 minutes before you know it. 👊

thank you so much for that x

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