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Week 7, run 2...bummed


Sometimes those we love say things that really hurt...even tho they don't mean to. I was doing well, happy with my progress. I am admittedly very slow...like a 15 minute pace. However, I am 7 weeks in, have never run in my life, in my 40's, 70 lbs overweight and a recent retiree of over 25 years smoking. I've lost 23 lbs, and have done more that I ever dreamed possible. I should graduate in a couple of weeks. One of my adult children (avid long distance runner) invited me to do a 5K on Labor Day...I'm not sure I'm ready. Then my hubby makes a really tough remark about my time, insinuating that I will be an embarrassment because I am so slow. OUCH! That really hurt. So, today I amped it up, ran farther and faster...carved 2 minutes off my time and went half a mile further. I would rejoice except that I hurt myself in the process and now am not sure I will be able to run anymore this week. I knew better than to let myself feel pressured...but fell into the trap anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to pushing myself and testing new limits. However, I knew I wasn't ready, I should have known better. I guess I will decline Labor Day.

What do you guys think? Am I being overly sensitive?

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you are not being over sensitive at all. you should be very proud of what you are achieving. it doesn't matter how slow you are, you are doing it. stick at your own pace, and keep of the fags! i am in exactly the same boat as you (including giving up the fags). i just keep telling myself rome wasn't built in a day, soon you will be running them all of the park. good luck.


Don't get discouraged because you are slower than other people, you are faster than you were when you were smoking, 23lbs heavier and weren't running at all!! You should never be embarrassed and your family should be proud to run alongside you and share in your achievements. Be proud of what you have achieved and like mfcbun says 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.


I agree, you are not being over sensitive, your family should be proud. I've had hurtful comments during my C25K journey too, don't let it discourage you, this is for you, it's such a massive achievement.

That must have felt awful, but you, and your family should be proud. Hell, I'm proud of you!!

I'm about to do my first week 9 run today and it's certainly not going to be a 5k in 30 minutes, but I will run farther and faster than I have in 20 years. Getting out the door and moving is what's important. I try to have a sense of humour about my slowness, i call my pace "agitated penquin", but I would feel awful if someone else said something about it.

There's nothing wrong with taking an extra rest day to avoid injury if you need to. You've done so well to make it this far, don't let an insensitive comment drag you down. We're all cheering for you!


Lisa, I'm SO sorry that you've had hurtful comments. You've done brilliantly. everyone's different and, of course, there will be runners out there who think we're no-hopers BUT going from not running, and not being able to run...well, perhaps only we can understand that. I'm 1 run in to week 6 and admire you immensely for being on week 7. Your time will not be an embarrassment, if you do the run. you'll be out there doing it, unlike any onlookers who won't! Go for whatever you want. perhaps your husband feels a little threatened by you changing. All the best, hope you recover and are able to carry on soon. don't push yourself too hard though. If you hurt, I'm sure a bit of a rest will help.


Big hug! You are an absolute hero to achieve so much. Rest up for a couple of days, maybe do some gentle walking or swimming, and then go on at your own pace. What is especially amazing is that you actually found you could go faster / further, so I' m sure you'll have not rouble completing the programme or the 5K. The fact that your grown-up child ASKED you to join him/her shows how proud they must be of you. You husband probably wishes he'd never opened his mouth. I agree with Stayinbed that he may feel a but threatened. All the best, please keep in touch. We believe in you !


I'm in a similar position to you except a little older and I've graduated the C25K. I am still painfully slow but I know I'm in a better position to improve since I binned the cigarettes (up to two packs a day for 33 years) 28 weeks ago. Don't let other people's inconsiderate comments push you to do too much. Go at your own pace and you WILL succeed.


Whst you are doing us great, ignore those comments stick to what you believe you have achieved a lot, with smoking and running. Just remember how far you've come and be proud!!


You ARE achieving so much, think how far you have come ! I have had classics from family/friends and work colleagues (and random people on the street!) including, "wrecks your knees", "should'nt you wear darker, looser running gear?", "whats the point?", "don't wave when i'm with my friends (teenage daughter), "whoa look at the old one" (random builder), general THAT look and humph when in sweaty running gear (mother), "i'm officially a running widower" (husband) and so on !! It highlights their insecurities!! We are all here for you! :)


Three cheers for you! You've quit smoking, gotten off the couch and have lost weight! Don't fret - this is your journey and you must do things at your own pace. Rest up and get over your injury - then get back on track. You are doing fabulously and are an inspiration to many. See you with your graduation badge soon! :)

My other half is normally lovely and supportive but he kept commenting about how slowly I was running. He goes to the gym all the time and is way fitter than me. I didn't listen - like you, I'in my 40s and have never run in my whole life before this and I am SO proud to actually be able to keep going. When I did the very first run I ended up flat on the grass afterwards just from doing the one minute runs!

At the end of the day I listen to the people on here rather than the people around me, because we're all doing the same programme and we know what a massive achievement it is to keep progressing. Getting to week 7 is AMAZING. Be proud of yourself :-)


Be proud of yourself. Keep your thoughts positive. Rest up and hope you get over your injury quickly. Best wishes x


Thanks to you all for such encouraging comments. I really do appreciate the support I have gotten on this site! I did it...I graduated today. I also signed up for that Labor Day race and I feel fantastic! I told my hubby how his comment hurt and of course he has been nothing but apologetic and supportive since. For those who are still working the programme, keep it up--it feels so good to finish!


I did this with my last run, week 7 run 2. You need to do different routes, try some hills he said. like an idiot I listened and really struggled and was ready to give up. From now on my running is owned by me and no one else

I realise your post is a few years old now but hopefully my comments will encourage another runner.

Like you, I frequently add more run time when I feel able but still working on my pace. Sometimes it's great and I feel great, other times I regret it. But I go with my feelings at the time I'm running. I'll walk for five minutes after and there's usually half a mile back to the car so I push to run as much as I can. It feels great and even if I'm super sore the next day, I'm proud.

At some point we all will hopefully graduate. My advice to anyone reading this is to keep on. Run slow, you'll be proud you did it in the end. There are rough days, keep your eyes on the end goal and a hint for this time of year? I've read the best temperature for a marathon runner is about 40 Fahrenheit. Start early morning before summer takes the day.

Best of luck...I'm grateful to read someone's hard day and realise they're a graduate, it tells me they've made it past the hard days and finished the training,

Again, thank you!!



Awww I’m sorry that you’ve been pushed to stretch yourself too far - doesn’t matter what your time is - it’s less than people who haven’t taken the steps you have to turn your life about, and less than it would have been before you started this - your race is with yourself (as it is with all of us on this learning curve) not with other more experienced (but insensitive) runners - just keep progressing at a pace that challenges without injury - well done, you’ve come a long way and made massive changes to improve your health in the long term

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