Week 7 Run 2

So I just ran the second run of week 7. I still can't believe that I can somehow run for 25 minutes. However, I am having a few problems with stitches. I can't possibly go any slower and I have tried to breathe deeply but it doesn't go away and I am sometimes running when it is so painful. I also am finding it really hard to motivate myself as I really am not enjoying it.


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8 Replies

  • I will be doing the same run tomorrow! I also suffer the same problem of stitch. Only way I avoid it is going out in the morning before anything to eat. This works on the weekend. If I run after work, I have to leave at least 4 hours pass following eating before I run. take care, running Twinnie!

  • Do you have a drink before you run? Some say that if you drink plenty of water before you run it can help prevent stitch...

  • Nearly there Katie, just think of how far you have come in a few weeks. Luckily i have avoided the dreaded stitch (so far) but lots of others have worked their way through it. Hopefully you will find somthing that works for you.

  • I would say really deep breathing always helps but maybe you need to do it longer. Try these tips too.


  • Sympathies Katie, stitch is really bad news. The thing with stitches is that they tend to appear if you eat too close to a run or if your not properly hydrated. A good drink of water before you set out could work wonders. Also, avoid eating for 3 hours before you run. That should ensure your stomach is good and empty. Breathing in deeply whilst pushing your belly generally works for me, so you could try that.

  • I find it best to run first thing in the morning, and have breakfast when I am done, although I realise that can't work for everyone. That said, I got stitch on my last run, despite an empty stomach, probably because I set off too fast. Drinking water helped.

  • I just completed Week 7 Run 2 yesterday. What I have found helps me is to breath in for two strides and breath out for three with my mouth open. You get plenty of oxygen and vary the steps you are on with each breath and I think that helps keep your muscles looser since you are changing up what you are doing every 5 strides

  • For stitches what seems to work for me is stretching the side that aches, and doing belly breathing - one hand on my belly and breathing so i can feel it move in and out for a few times.. it seems to work so far, although not entirely sure of my technique haha.. I hope it works out! good luck!

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