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One more run to go!

After 9 weeks of running, recovering from running, thinking about my next run, looking at running clothing online and talking non-stop about running to anyone who will listen (including some random's that I met in a lift!) I did Week 9 Run 2 today and I'm 1 run away from completing the C25K plan (I can't believe I just typed that :-)

So far it has been an amazing, inspiring, challenging and mostly breath-taking experience. Favourite weeks - definitely Week 5 and Week 8. Best run ever - has to be Week 5 Run 3 - a key turning point I won't forget. Biggest challenge - sometimes waiting a day in-between is very hard (not always - sometimes it's been raining and very windy!).

Good luck to everyone else on Week 9 - almost there! And a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences / challenges and triumphs on this Forum - you have helped make this a truly exceptional journey.

To anyone just starting out - enjoy - you can do this - if it gets hard, or you need motivation, look to this Forum for support and they will get you through :-)

Best wishes fellow runners!

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Love your blog, Goldstar! You deserve your shiny green Graduate badge and of course, at least, one gold star! :)


Thanks oona :-)

Yes - it feels very good!


Wow one run to go how fantastic. I can't pass a sports shop now without popping in to see what running stuff they have and have even bought a running magazine ( way to advanced for me but had nice running clothing and shoes in) it is amazing how hooked we become. Good luck with you last run, let us know how it goes!


Yes, it's funny how our priorities / interests switch - I would walk past a cake now to get to a bacon sandwich! Actually that is quite a big switch :-)

Good luck with your runs and thanks for your support rolphie2.


Wonderfully done and brilliantly said, Goldstar!! It is almost unbelievable just how far we come in 9 weeks, isn't it? :-)

Enjoy your R3 and then get ready to shine that wonderful "Graduate" badge!! Well done!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve :-)

Yes, and without doubt the Graduates on this Forum are a huge inspiration to those just starting out.

Already thinking of the next running goal :-)


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