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This is my first post as I never knew whether I would be able to complete c25k, although I have been reading all your posts while taking the challenge of c25k, I found your posts very encouraging. Never ever thought I would complete it but I did, albeit in more than the 9 weeks, although one thing I did notice after finishing W9 was my 30 minutes of running was a little short of 5k, I have know planned a route of 5k and will continue with this until I can complete it in 30 minutes. But I am really chuffed to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping, what a result! I am now looking forward to running in 2015, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and injury free running.


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  • hello there new :D super well done on completing the program, it is truly a great feeling to do so :D very few actually do 5k in 30mins on graduation :D Happy New Year :D and happy running in 2015

  • Happy New Year to you too :) Very well done completing week 9 - it is a tremendous achievement - life changing really and this is just the beginning... :)

  • I don't think I will ever get to a 30 minute 5k but getting out there is what is important.

    You should get your graduation badge next to your name. Go to all things couch to 5k to the right of this screen and there is a pinned post in there to get it.

  • There are no rules, especially here. A little further, a little faster, a little more - it's up to you. All that matters is that running becomes a habit and that you enjoy it. Happy New Year!

  • Congratulations! What a nice way to end the year.

    I think I will never manage 5k in 30mins and I have been running now for nearly 18 months! But who cares? I'm out there 2-3 times a week and there are plenty of running adventures to be had for us all.

    Enjoy yourself and revel in your new found fitness in 2015.

  • I'm with you - thirty minutes is pretty well unobtainable to me. If anything, I seem to be running slower 5Ks at parkrun than I was 6 months ago. Mind you - it is summer here now and hot and humid - I don't know if that would slow me down by 2-3 minutes though!!. I have been doing a fair bit of slow running using my HRM , trying to be able to run with a low heart rate. I am slowly achieving that goal - I think it may be working because i have given up coffee , there is a definite lowering of my HR while running.

    Moreso, though - I think that I have just lost interest in running to achieve a faster 5K time - I am now just running for fitness , and sticking to a training programme which asks me to run paces slower than I usually run. -- Quite enjoying it! :)

  • Hi Newtojogging. Congratulations on graduating. The 5k in 30 mins gives you something to aim for next year Happy New Running Year

  • Hello. Congratulations! It's my graduation day too so smiles all round :) And what a lovely way to finish 2014. Happy running and Happy new Year :)

  • Hi hilbean, thanks for that and Congratulations to you too. It certainly puts a smile on your face. Could you please let me know where did you got your graduate badge from, thanks.

  • Thanks :) If you go back to the Posts page there's a section on the right where it say Pinned Posts. Click on Graduation Badge and you can ask there. Looking forward to seeing your nice shiny new badge :)

  • Thank you all for your wishes and encouragement.

  • Many Congratulations to you, ending the year on a high, Well done !

    If you click the " Posts " button on the Grey Bar at the top of this page. It will take you to a page with " Pinned Posts " written in Blue on the right. If you click under the heading " Graduate Badge " and just write a post saying you have completed , the badge will appear next to your name shortly.

    Happy New Year ! :-) xxx

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