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Week 2, Run 1 (some advice needed below too please)

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(I will keep posting at the end of each run and blog my views)

Well today was my 1st run on the week 2 program and I was a little nervous as it was a little extra time.

The weather is sooooo hot today, and I had extra water intake for a good hour before my run.

Advice please 1 =

The run was fantastic!!!! I should not have worried, to be fair.....it actually felt the same as week 1, listened to music and then was told to stop! My legs were not telling me to stop, my body was not out of breath, it was good. I really enjoyed it. When it was over I was not tired! Just buzzing from doing it again!

The only 2 things that put me off a little, and was not because it was bad advice, for runners its something they need to learn is when the lady on the app: Laura...(my running fling! !!!!!!!) told me to breath in on the left foot and count 1...2....3....4...and then out...1...2....3...4.. I did this and it threw me a little, I wasn't out of breath to start with - but would you runners think I need to adapt this now while i'm still new to this? or keep the long steady breathing I have been doing?

Advice please 2 =

I have some Mpow bluetooth sports earphones and the connection kept cracking all the time and really annoyed me ! but didn't spoil the run. What headphones, earphones do you use? and i see there are ones that do not block outside noise out too (so can hear cars coming etc) ALSO!! I want somewhere to put my phone on, I did look at those straps for the arm, but I need somewhere to stick a house key too...so I am guessing these very small bags around the waste, the sports ones work?

Thanks all!

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The suggestion to breathe in for four and out for four is just that: a suggestion. If it doesn't feel natural at this stage, don't sweat it.

I'd suggest against "true wireless" Bluetooth earpieces. I find they cut out one or both ears at some point. My running headphones are Aukey EP-B40, currently £20 from Amazon (B07PDQQK74)

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AdieJ in reply to nowster

thanks...ill take a look

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A great feeling finishing that first week !

I needed somewhere for my phone. Did think about an arm thing but ti be honest my headphones are corded so the flapping of the cable would drive me nuts 😄 so I've just ordered a Befekt Gears Running Beltand will see how that goes.

As for headphones I use a cheap pair of corded JVC Sports HA-EC10-B . They are cheap (about £6, dont let the cheap price put you off), sound good and It doesnt matter if I lose them.

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AdieJ in reply to chunkypie

Thanks. Yeah I used my old apple corded once originally, i might go back to them to be fair ! but will see some others.

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Advice 1: just breathe however you can breathe. It sorts itself out once you get through the 5-8 minutes runs.

Advice 2: aftershokz wireless headphones. You can take calls on them. They don’t go in the ear so you can hear talking and traffic and that’s why they are the only type that are UK athletics approved. In some races, they are the only headphones allowed. I have titanium trekz but there are several styles.

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AdieJ in reply to Tasha99

thank! these sound like they are good....ill have a look at them. thank you.

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Tasha99Graduate in reply to AdieJ

Omg it might make sense now I’ve proof read it 😶

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helenwheels in reply to AdieJ

Yes a second vote for aftershokz. Expensive but worth it. Mind you I had Mpow previously and very happy with- no connection problems.

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Well done for completing your run. That's a great start to the program👍😀

My advice for your questions is as follows:-

1) I breathe in through my mouth and out through my mouth at a natural rate. I don't consciously breathe through my nose. My reckoning is the hole in my mouth is a lot bigger than my nostrils and I want to get as much oxygen in and as much carbon dioxide out per respiratory cycle than I possibly can. To maximise this I belly breathe which involves dropping my diaphragm to open up my chest and lungs more rather than shallow breathing with my chest alone. There are videos on YouTube which give you the idea.

2) If I'm using earbuds I use Live Large Bluetooth earphones which have a hook which goes around your ear and gives much better security I'm my opinion. I have a narrow ear canal and others I have tried don't stay in when I run. They were less than £12 from Argos and worth every penny. I keep my phone and keys in a travel waist bag and don't even realise it's there.

Hope this helps👍😁

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AdieJ in reply to MontyMooDog

brilliant - appreciate the message , ill have a look too.

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Hello and nicely done on week 2!

For breathing I’ve watched numerous videos on YouTube and haven't been able to stick to any advice in terms of counting. I've just done what feels natural most of the time, you're doing enough as it is trying to run and keep good posture let alone having to count your breathing.

For keeping your phone, ive got ab arm strap which has a slot for my house key, its pretty good and the key and phone are separate and secure.

For headphones I have some Bluetooth Anker headphones which I got from amazon and they range from £15-£25 depending on the model you get. Mine are the ones that are wired between each earpiece rather than fully wireless ear pods. These are my second pair as I damaged my others in my bag so definitely recommend.

Happy to send you some links for the above.

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AdieJ in reply to Kish247

Thanks - yeah I like Anker products, I have their Eufy security cameras too. Thanks.

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1. Just breathe however feels right for you.

2. Afterskokz titanium. Excellent!

I have a running watch that I can also diwnload music to so for a while i wasn't carrying my phone and keys went in a zipped pocket if my trousers. Now trying a waist belt as I want to carry more stuff and thats great. Couldn't be botheted with the arm band.

Just breathe as you feel comfortable. I have a flip running belt, which I am really happy with.

And you thought running would be cheap???

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AdieJ in reply to helenwheels

haha !.....cheaper than golf! I play golf a lot, and good thing with running is - soon as I open the door, thats my gym!

Bluetooth is the way to go. Corded ones can get snagged on branches etc. I saw some great quality blutooth ones in poundland for a fiver. Unbeatable value. My own are Jabra sound cancelling etc and they are brilliant. Better than Bose in my opinion; but cost well over £100.

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AdieJ in reply to

cheap is good !!

Well done.

The guide to the plan has advice on breathing and links to articles that may be helpful.

Do what comes naturally..........unless your aim is the next Olympic 5000m gold medal.

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AdieJ in reply to IannodaTruffe

true !...thanks

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