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Back after a two week break


I did run 2 of week 6, bought my proper shoes, lost my mojo and gave up! It has been two weeks and a day and this is the first time I have been on this as I didn’t want all the super runners I am following to make me feel guilty. I think I was just worried about no more intervals, this is it kind of thing. However, I forced myself out and just ran 30 mins without stopping and for the first time I did not feel out of breath once, am shocked as was only intending to get out of the door. Typically though the app b***sed up and Michael said you have run 12.5 mins then 5 ish mins later said you have run 12.5 mins grrr, hence why I carried on and did the extra. Sorry for the long post, I have missed everyone! Can the man who always posts after someone completes week 6 run 3 and tells them they are a runner do the same for me please! X

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Of course I will, I will gently shout that "You Tendance are now OFFICIALLY A RUNNER", well done, onwards and upwards to week 7, not long now until you graduate, you will be looking forward to that great day,

Tendance in reply to AlMorr

Aww thanks so much, I have wanted you to post that for me for ages 😂x

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Tendance

👍 🏃🏾


Well done for getting back out there! Nobody will judge you, just get on here for the support, it’s the best thing when you’re not ‘feeling it’ - onwards and upwards 💪🏼

Tendance in reply to Busylady1

Where are you now in the plan Busy Lady?

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Tendance

I finished the programme a few weeks ago and I’m now on consolidation runs. Finding it hard to motivate sometimes but I’m determined to get out there and not waste the training! 💪🏼🏃🏻‍♀️


Great comeback run... you got this now... time to close it out and bind that mojo to those shoes by letting the habit form. No more intervals... well, not for a while at least... as the man said, you’re a runner now! Far from making you feel guilty about missing these weeks, I kinda get it... when you started out running 30 minutes was impossible... and when we start to get close to actually doing it, it’s sometimes like we’re expecting the wheels to come off... it’s a tiny bit scary. You have two tiny steps up left between you and the run that was once impossible... time to close this out... have fun showing yourself that you’re awesome.

Well done for getting out there and completing it. Sometimes it’s hard just getting out the door isn’t it? I’ve been feeling that a bit too. But we’ve got this. We’ve done the lions share of the work now.

Thanks! What stage of the plan are you now? X


Fantastic! So pleased for you! You totally nailed it! 👍🏻👏🤗

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