Feeling despondent after a break? Don't worry 😊

Just a quickie - after illness and an op I ended up having several months off running. Having been a previous regular 10k er the idea of getting started again seemed impossible. I felt like my body had totally forgotten how to run and my stamina was history. Well - I reluctantly dragged myself out again and got going - I started the podcasts again but came in at week 4 run one. My goodness it was hard! But I did it. By wk4 run2 I started remembering how it feels. By wk4 run3 me body had already remembered what to do. I've just done wk5 run3 and I remember first time round crying when I finished because it felt so huge! Here's the thing - this time I kind of just did it and it wasn't easy but it wasn't that big a deal. I am putting this down to both muscle memory and the fact that I had already overcome my 'I can't do it' demons the first time around.

I guess what I am saying is of you've lost your way you CAN get going again - it's not over for you! And it's easier the second time round! I hope this helps someone out there feeling as sad and useless as I was. You can do it ☺

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  • that's great and very good to hear. I've had a break of all of two weeks and struggled to get going again, but by going back through the podcasts again I can feel my confidence building. I'm going to do w5r1 later today. hope it continues to go well for you!

  • Well done for getting going again - I think any break whether it's weeks or months makes it difficult to drag yourself out again. And after working so hard it's the fear of feeling your fitness has slid. Good luck!

  • Well done ! That deserves a zip a dee doo dah and a dance of joy. There ya go!

    So glad you're back in the saddle. Here's to your next run/s x

  • Ha ha thank you! I think you deserve some credit after the advice about my iffy calf - having laid off the foam roller and doing some gentle strength training I now have the occasional tiny twin but that's it. Thanks!

  • What a positive uplifting post !

    Thanks for reminding us that yes, there is a way back after illness/injury and you are living proof of that !

    Really pleased for you that youre back out there and enjoying your running . Long may it continue !

    All the very best to you :-) xxx

  • Thank you 😊 I feel relieved most of all I think. At times I thought I'd never get going!

  • Well done for getting out there and starting again. Glad you are enjoying it :)

  • Thank you! 😊

  • Well done! You're an inspiration, hope to see you get right back into it soon, let us know how you get on...πŸ˜€

  • Will do! I just now have to remember not to get carried away and do too much too soon. So tempting to go too fast and too far but I am going to try to be disciplined!

  • It'll help your singing as well, if you haven't already noticed, it has me..πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks!! I needed to read that! Just went for my first run in 6 months and am feeling terribly depressed. now you have reminded me that I wont ever be as hard as today!

  • Oh gosh the first one is by far the worst! And in the cold too. I still moan right up until I get out of the door but always feel glad I've gone. Hold on to that few minutes of feeling smug and fabulous after a run...it's what gets me out the next time 😊

  • Great post! It's important for us to remember it's a journey, not a destination.

  • Absolutely! And for someone who is impatient by nature it's taking discipline to stop me trying to race to finish but I am trying to make sure I pace myself!

  • I have not run since April and have been wanting to get back out again, but have talked myself out of it thinking my fitness levels will have disappeared completely, your post has just gave me the encouragement to get back out there and maybe I won't need to go back to week one again either, thanks for that :-)

  • I thought about going back to week one but felt that even though I've been off since February (gasp) I still had enough in me to go a bit further in. Wk4 run1 was a toughie to come in at but at the same time I think I needed to push myself to get the sense of achievement. But the best thing is that it all fell into place so quickly from there. I do think if you've done it once than menatally it's half the battle because you know it's in you somewhere. Good luck!

  • Thank you, all encouragement greatly appreciated, first run on Monday, think I will start off with Wk3 run 1 to see how I go. Well done you for getting back out there.

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