Couch to 5K

Back with a BOOM!!!

I have spent the last 6 months only ever blogging about my miserable aches and pains. Not anymore folks, I am back with a boom, and no more sulking!

I have at last managed to get my aches and pains under control ('Run & Roll' works for me), and am up to running twice a week again. Three times next week.

That all said, in the past 3 weeks I have managed to run 10K for the first time. (I just threw caution to the wind and went for it). Then today I have just been out for a nice flat 5K around Emberton Park. Two highlights today;

1) I overtook a couple of cyclists. Really, I did. They passed me earlier on, as you would expect, then I found that I was as good as pacing with them. (How slow can you ride a bike?). Within a mile I was right up behind them, then past. They soon passed me again, probably too ashamed!

2) Then to put the icing on the cake, a new 5K PB of 24:49 (7 second improvement). So pleased with that. I broke 25 mins about 8 months ago, and have got no nearer than 40 seconds since. I was starting to wonder if Endomondo was lying to me. But nope, today I really did it. So pleased with that.

I'm back up and running again folks, bring on the summer :-)

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Brilliant! It must feel great to be back out there.


It sure is. Running has become a great release and unwind. It was frustrating when I was down to 1 run a week, and suffering. I feel so good today :-)



Well done, sir; you, understandably, seem so very happy to be back running again, after such a long lay-off, which must have been frustrating to say the least!

Sounds like a great run you had: congratulations! :-)


WOW! That's an amaaaaaazing 5K time Nerdio? Jeeeez! AND you ran a 10'er. Well done. You are certainly back with a BANG BANG BANG!!


Thanks. I really feel that I am back in the zone!


After a while I just felt I had to go for the overtake. They were the slowesf cyclists ever!


That is so fantastic, well done you, and your 5k PB...WTF thats amazing, stuff of dreams for me...a huge well done :)


Running that fast -- do you get windburn??? :) Good for you -- but don't hurt yourself in your new found enthusiasm!! :)


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