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Run 2 week 5!! Done!!!!

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Wow!!! Just got in from the run 2, week 5 run and I have to say it was one of my best!! Kept it nice an easy (probably slow as a snail to most) but I enjoyed it and I really can tell how my stamina has progressed- I actually feel like I could go back out now for another run!!! Feeling good about Sunday’s 20 min run! It will be hard but I feel ready for it and I know the feeling of accomplishment will have me buzzing for days!!!!!

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Slow and steady wins the C25k race (which isn’t a race but you know what I mean). Well done! The sense of achievement after week 5 run 3 will have you as high as a kite 🪁


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Weddingrunner in reply to BowlingT

Thankyou 😊 I’m genuinely looking forward to it!!

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MontyMooDogGraduate in reply to BowlingT

You've hit the nail right on the head👍

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Good luck!

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Weddingrunner in reply to Lizcanrun

Thanks 🙏🏻

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Wow that’s amazing that you feel you can go running again! You must have been pretty fit in the first place but you’ve obviously built up your stamina even more. You’re definitely ready for the big one 😀

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Weddingrunner in reply to Chocoholic77

Gosh I hope so! Thanks so much for your positive words! 😊

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