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Week 9 Run 3, Couch 2 5 K, Done it - WoooooHooooo


It was tough but today I did it. My 3rd run of Week 9. Max heart rate down, average heart rate down, speed a bit down (miles also down but managed to complete 3.2 in the 30 mins). This programme is excellent and I know it improves fitness which is what I wanted. My own personal (stupid) target of running 5k in under 27 mins could have derailed me but I achieved it and also think it gave me something to shoot for.

I can't remember who posted runningformyexistence.com/h... (was it GJ?) but it really helped me push for those final minutes in the runs - you know the ones that last a lot longer than you think. If you need inspiration have a look at it. Thank you to the original poster.

My next big challenge is to keep fitting 3 runs in a week and staying off the couch.

I used to be known as NotYetFitEnuf but I definitely think I've turned a large corner with GettingFitter

THANK YOU TO ALL YOU FELLOW RUNNERS who have helped inspire and keep me on track and as Laura says Happy Running

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Well done GF!!!! You need to apply for your Graduate Badge if you've not already done so

So, how does that feel then? I bet you're as proud as punch, and relieved that you've done it. I think we've all got fitter and a bit thinner on the way to week 9. I certainly feel like a totally different person from when I started

I hope you continue to run. You will find a way to fit the runs in if you really want to. I'm hooked on running now and go nuts if I can't get out there. Are you moving up to the Couch+ podcasts. There are three of them and you can do those as your introduction to longer runs and to support the runs you've already got under your belt

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to misswobble

Brilliant. Thanks for the suggestions I'll take a look


Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it, and I am pretty sure you will keep on getting fitter and fitter. As for keeping going, maybe take a few weeks just to consolidate then have another goal? Rfc's quests ( pinned post on the right hand side) have always helped me. One little piece of advice would be don't try to ramp it up to soon, but otherwise...happy running!

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to lizziebeth57

Thank you. There's definitely a warm glowing feeling - off up to London to celebrate.


Woohoo indeed! Congratulations. And what a fantastic speed too.

The way to make sure you stick at it is to find what is enjoyable for you - it's different for all of us. Either distance, speed, races, playing around with pace, heart rate etc - there's a whole world out there. Mix it up a bit to find what you enjoy most.

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks ullyrunner I'm sure I'll find something


Congratulations and a massive WELL DONE :) Great time and distance. My target is the 5k in 30 minutes and if I achieve that then I'll be more than happy. Well done, again.

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to paul2014

Thanks Paul good luck with your target

paul2014Graduate in reply to GettingFitter

Thanks :)


Oh I see your badge! Yay, it looks fab. Really suits you. Enjoy your celebrations. Take care!!

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks Misswobble it does look shiny


Congrats GF, really well done. Now spend a couple of days basking in your achievements before launching yourself into the next phase of your running adventure. Good luck

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks EpicMum


Well done! The badge looks great... Happy post-graduate running!

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Thanks aussiegtc


Congratulations, GF! Very well done indeed; you've made brilliant progress! And how your shiny shiny graduation badge suits you! Time for celebration now; how about treating yourself to some nice new running gear to mark your wonderful achievement?

Well done and happy running, always.

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Thanks MY I was thinking about a trip to runtolive for gait analysis and some new shoes


Yay! Congratulations GettingFitter! 5k in less that 27 mins?!?! Wow, that's some going!

Big thumbs up

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to I_will

Cheers I_will. Good luck with the programme. It works - abit like ronseal it does what it says on the tin C25K

Thanks KK


Well done on graduating. I think you'll find that it was Sallycycle that posted the link. It is inspirational.

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to waletta

Brilliant thanks waletta and Sallycycle


Well done, very motivating post. Keep up and maintain the achievement of your hard work. Happy running

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