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I got the “nod and smile” approval!


So I completed my wk8r1 tonight and I decided to run on the main road near where I live as I have avoided main roads up to now as I was paranoid about being a big bloke jogging along however tonight I ran past three other runners and all gave me a nod and a smile. Seems daft but it felt like it was unofficial approval from them. Doesn’t this sound daft? Up to now I felt that I’m just a want to be runner however I do feel that albeit running slow (I only cover 2.5miles in 35 minutes ) I am running three times a week. Daft but feels good.

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This doesnt sound daft at all! Its only natural to feel a little self conscious to start with! Really good to hear you got those supportive nods though! Its the small things that help!


I have recently experienced the nod and smile too and it felt wonderful! 😃 I have never been able to run before and will hopefully ‘graduate’ this week 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Feels great doesn’t it? And Brilliant! Good luck and well done


Yes! The nod and smile is my favourite. I was too nervous to look anyone in the eye at the beginning of the program and now I nod at everyone just to get that moment of connection. Doesn't always work obviously but it is nice to get a but of stranger solidarity in these weird times


Not daft at all Pegasus! It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run as long as you’re out there doing it! So well done you!


I smile and wave at everyone so they have little choice but to acknowledge! 😂 Maybe someone has gone home thinking they have my “approval”? It’s a weird thought but kinda nice - if they see us running past them why would they think of us as anything other than a runner ?(even if we are walking when we get round the next bend!)

Let’s fake it til we make it!

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Love this “fake it TIL we make it”!😂😂

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