Don't be daft!

Hi All

I hope everyone's had a great weekend's running - there have been some great posts on here to read.

Not much to report here from today's long run other than I took on board everyone's advice from last week and had a drink during the run. I wasn't sure about taking a bottle out with me, so I jogged into a supermarket at around the twelve-mile point and bought a bottle of sports drink.

Holding it while running wasn't too bad actually and it was good to sip it slowly over about three-quarters of a mile. Unsurprisingly to anyone not as daft as me, the effect of having a drink was incredible. Not only were the last few miles considerably easier than they ever have been on my long runs before but I even had the legs to do an extra mile and ended up doing an extra mile for a total of 21.1, which is the longest I've ever done and the best I've ever felt after a long run.

So, in the unlikely event that anyone needs to be told this - if you run long distances, don't be daft - have a drink!

Enjoy your running (and your drinking :) )

AHS xx


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  • Well done.

  • Wow that's a L O N G run. Well done :)

  • Great Run AHS and sound advise :)

  • That is a long run!!

    Coincidentally I just replied to Mancunianpoodle about drinking on runs - and then read your post :) Glad you experienced the difference it makes, and since you run long try this home made "sport" drink: :

    1 lt water, 3 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 lt coconut water , 1 tbsp maple syrup (or if you use it sugar) juice of half a lemon (for the taste) and 1 good pinch of salt

    and If you increase the quantity of the seeds you end up with a gel :)

  • Thank you - and I do enjoy a recipe. I'm afraid I'll have to Google what chia seeds are!

  • You'll find them in health food shops - there is quite a lot online about them, and lots of people use it as pre-run hydration (they slowly release the water they hold in your digestive system) Happy googling ! :)

  • well done on the run and on buying the drink mid run, dont think i'll ever be brave enough to pop into any shop part way through run

  • It's all down to the power of being "the nutter in the vest".

  • That's a great run AHS! well done.

  • Thanks OG!

  • Wow! That's seem serious mileage, seems like only yesterday you were graduating......well done!

  • Thanks lovefood - it does, doesn't it? This is what an average unfit bloke can do with C25k and then a 10% increase every week, I suppose.

  • Woo! That's a loooong way! Well done! X ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you!

  • That's nearly a marathon !! Extraordinary....Well done !

  • Like all runners, I get the "Have you run a marathon?" question all the time. Now I can say "78% of one". :)

  • Yes you definitely needed some kind of liquid for that distance. That's a tad long! Hope the liquid afterwards was tasty.

  • I'll have a tasty liquid very shortly!

  • Wow! Great distance!

  • I'm impressed. That's some distance - I think I'd ask to be hooked up to an intravenous drip of Ribena after 10 km.

  • Intravenous Ribena would be an interesting drug to be caught taking!

  • Wow ! Well done Acton, amazing achievement !

    Yes , I always take water with me for over 5k , especially in this weather . Lesson learnt from the GMR when my mouth was so dry, my tongue got stuck to the roof of my mouth and I thought I was going to choke !

    Always better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it , if that makes sense :-)

    Are you going to do a Marathon ? Sounds like you are more than capable with the distances you are doing xxx

  • The problem with the marathon is that it's the only distance you're expected to race without having run a few times beforehand - I'm sure I will at some point but not right now!

  • That drink sounds lush Pigivi! I love the Vita Coco! Bit sweet but I'd only drink it on a long run

    If you run too long without water and get dehydrated it can lead to injury. Our local footy manager has been drumming this into his footballers, and so keeps hammering home the message

  • Goodness, that's a run-and-a-half! Well done!

    Even on a cool day, I would not like to go more than an hour or so without taking or buying some fluid - if you dehydrate and can't sweat effectively then you can over-heat and all sorts of not-so-fun things start happening. It's doubly an issue in the summer.

    I was also forced to buy a drink mid-run this weekend even though I had brought some with me - it just wasn't enough. However, the checkout assistant was mighty impressed when she asked where I was running to and I said I'd just come from a town 9-miles away! Clearly buying in running gear is nothing to be feared - I just hope she couldn't smell me!


  • None of the staff in my local supermarket ever bat an eyelid at me strolling in in my vest and shorts and all sweaty - I think it's the ingrained "Don't engage the nutter in the vest" factor.

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